From Happy Managers

Daniel Koon,

Hiring Manager (Singapore's Leading Telco)

BGC's staffing manager in charge of our account has been very prompt in sourcing for our recruitment needs. This includes assisting us all this while despite our last minute requests.

The services provided by BGC is excellent by far. The quality of the candidates that were sent to us are very good - and also to the extent that all job offers will be done on BGC's end.

We look forward to work with BGC for the long run.


Marina Wee,

HR Manager (Public Service)

The BGC team had displayed professionalism and good customer service in supporting our temp employee hiring.

They have been prompt in surfacing suitable candidates who match our needs and are diligent in providing updates on the hiring process.

The working experience with the team has been very pleasant and we look forward to strong future collaboration opportunities.

Ivy Teo,

HR Manager (Singapore Stat Board)

I have been working with BGC for the past 2 years.  The company staff are very efficient and have provided good services. 

My recruitment specialist has also been very friendly, approachable and helpful. She has demonstrated professionalism and passion in her work and  I appreciate her prompt response, efficiency and follow up to my request. Keep up with the good work!

Judy Tan,

HR Manager (Singapore Media Outlet)

We are highly impressed with our BGC recruitment consultant for his professionalism and customer service when sourcing candidates for our call centre. He has been committed, fast, and has a never-say-die attitude. Keep it up!


Kai Tan,

Telesurveyor (Singapore's Leading Telco)

It was my first time signing up with an agency to get a job and I’m really impressed with the services my [staffing specialist], provided me with. It’s hard for me to get a job that pays well because I wasn’t able to commit on Sundays but my [staffing specialist] made sure to find me a job no matter what. Only after a few days of signing up with BGC, she managed to find me a job that requires me to work from Mon to Fri only. Highly recommend people to sign up with BGC, they provide good services!! Really impressed. 


Jesvin Kaur,

Casual Staff

It’s my first time applying for a part-time job through BGC and I am really thankful to my recruitment consultant, for helping me and during the process, which was not tedious at all, and I got the job! I have actually approached other agencies before and had to work with some recruitment agents who weren’t very friendly and just wanted to get the job done quickly. But I am glad mine actually took her time to chat with me and explain about the part-time job and is just very friendly! She even gave helpful tips for the interview so that, I am really thankful for! I will definitely recommend BGC to anyone I know who is looking for a job! :)


From Happy Jobseekers

Tan Wen Kai,

Office Interviewer

My recruitment consultant, was very patient in explaining to me the details of the job that I was applying for. She even took the extra mile to conduct a mock interview for my friend and I, which really helped for our interviews. The tips and tricks that she shared for the interview helped greatly too.

Ung Wei Cong ,

Retail Consultant

I was impressed by consultant's efficiency and professionalism. She quickly arranged a job interview for me accordingly to my expectations and I’m really pleased with all the help and advice given to me prior to my interview with her past experiences. 

I want to thank BCG and recruitment consultant. Deeply appreciated all the effort given to help me getting a job. Thank you!

Anjana Raveendhiran,

Data Administrator

I was assisted by a consultant who is super friendly and approachable. He is very helpful in securing a job in a short time frame. When I had any enquires, he is able to answer them promptly. Also, he would go an extra mile to ask me how was i doing after getting the job. Thank you so much to my recruitment consultant and BGC! :)

Tisha Martinez,

Coffee Ambassador

My recruitment consultant was very friendly and casual, it made the interview a lot less stressful. Overall, the company also gave me a significant amount support and assistance in preparing for the job (special thanks to BGC's trainer for training us).

Mohamed Ammar,

Sales Associate

Excellent service. Thanks to my consultant for her service. Because of her, I got my part time job within a week, which I am exceptionally greatful for. She is really professional and went through with me the job scope in great detail. If I had any enquiries, she would answer me immediately even after working hours. Since it was my first job interview, I got really nervous. However, I absolutely appreciate [recruitment specialist] for her willingness to go the extra mile to prepare her clients for the interview. She was also cheerful and encouraged her clients to do their absolute best for the interview. Overall, my [recruitment specialist] was a really great consultant and is really conscientious and does her job with great passion and diligence. Thank you!


Jaslyn Neo,

Customer Service Officer

It was great working with [my staffing specialist] — fast replies & good job recommendations. She was patient & friendly which makes finding jobs through BGC a much greater experience compared to other agencies!! I will gladly go back to BGC to look out for more part time jobs during my next school holidays! 5/5 Thumbs up.


Serene Quah,

Customer Service Officer

My recruitment specialist provided with fast and efficient help. It was my first time getting a job through an recruitment agency and honestly, she has made this process an easy to understand one for someone like me who tends to get confused easily. She was prompt in replying my questions and providing me with the most updated information. For instance, on the day of my interview, I've forgotten to bring the paper that has the venue address, so I sought her for help. She replied me instantly and got back to me a copy of the venue map through pdf form. With her prompt reply, I've managed to find the interview venue and reached the place on time. I couldn't express how thankful I am towards her as if without her instant replies, I might be late for the interview and not get the job due to me not being able to find the place. Also, before the interview, she motivated me by giving me confidence and gave me ideas on how to ace the interview such as sharing my own personal experience. Would like to thank my recruitment specialist for helping me in getting a job and i hope that I'll get to work with you again in the near future. :)


Siti Maisarah,

Management Service Officer (Ministry)

This is the first time I applied for a job through BGC, and honestly, I am impressed at how professional they are during the whole process compared to other recruitment agencies that I have encountered previously. My [staffing specialist] was also very efficient and kind. I thank her for her patience and giving me the opportunity by shortlisting me and helping me in getting a job in a sector that I am very passionate about :)


Koh Zi Wei,

Visitor Service Associate

First time with BGC and it was really a great experience! My recruitment consultant was patient with her work and worked diligently to help me find a suitable part time job to suit my liking. I’m having a lot of fun at my work place now! All thanks to her who helped me find this job, I’m working in a place where the employees and supervisors are all really respectful and nice. Thank you BGC Group!!

Toh Jia Hao,


Really thankful for the help that I received from my recruitment consultant in helping me to get a job. She is really patient and thoughtful throughtout my entire experience. She tries her best to offer me several job choices that best caters to my needs and interest and is also willing to take the time to answer my multiple enquiries that I have regarding my job experience. Looking forward to working with BGC in the future!!


Nur Shahirah,

Local Jobseeker

My recruitment consultant was very patient and helpful. When we first met, she asked me questions to find out more about my personality and interests, to make sure she can recommend me suitable positions. Throughout the next few weeks, she kept me updated with many positions that I might be interested in, and helped to send my resume in. I have finally found a suitable position and successfully gotten acceptance from the organisation! Thank you so much for your patience for the past few months, [name of recruitment consultant]! Glad to have you as my consultant!


Chin Shi Li,

Customer Service

I had a superb experience working with my recruitment consultant! She is very efficient as she was able to help my friend and I find a part time job super quickly. She also goes through the details of the job scope really thoroughly, which i find to be really helpful!! I would highly recommend [name of recruitment consultant] to everyone!!


Fwu Hui Lun,

Customer Service Officer

I had a great experience working with [name of recruitment consultant]! She is very efficient and because of that, my friend and I was able to get a job immediately upon meeting her. Not only that, she is also very professional and friendly to us. Will definitely recommend BGC Group to anyone who is looking for job because of this pleasant experience! Once again, thank you so much!


Wei Ting Boo,

Office Support

It was a very pleasant experience with BGC Group and their professional consultants. I worked with my job consultant, [name of recruitment consultant], is one of the best consultant I've met so far. Had bad experience in the past with impatient and non-understanding recruitment agency and I was reluctant to apply a job through another, but BGC Group and Michelle changed my impression of job search agencies. :) Thank you [name of recruitment consultant], for her prompt replies, being patient and understanding towards my concerns on the job position. I will definitely consult BGC Group for future job opportunities!


Muhd Taufiq,

Local Jobseeker

I was attended to by a BGC recruitment consultant when I was seeking a new job & she helped to find a few for me. She arranged for some interviews for me but I couldn't attend due to schedule conflicts. She tried her level best to reschedule the interview but I still cant commit to the timings. Although I did not get a job that was assisted by her, I would still like to compliment her for her service & willingness to help me all out, Never failed to update me on the processes & very responsible. My recruitment consultant is dedicated to do her best to assist job seekers such as myself. I feel she is a gem & valuable asset to BGC Group as those who need assistance will be grateful to be attended by her, I like to give her a big THANK YOU for what she has done for me & hopes she continues this fine service to other jobseekers. Hope this message will be passed to her as well, Cheers.

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