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Where to find temporary jobs in Singapore? 

Looking for temporary jobs in Singapore? Look no further than BGC Group's jobs portal for vacancies! 

​Our jobs portal incorporates a database of temporary and contract jobs for job seekers of various levels of experiences across a wide range of industries and locations in Singapore. 

​If you are looking for a way to earn some cash, learn new things and enjoy a flexible work schedule, now is the time to consider our range of temporary and contract jobs. 

We have vacancies in the government sector, technology, finance, healthcare, and more in Singapore.

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What is Temporary Employment?

In this new age, temporary employees are part of a long-term solution for a flexible workforce to assist companies in meeting business demands in terms of skill sets. More Singapore job seekers are also adjusting their perceptions on non-permanent appointments – which may offer new learning opportunities that add to future career growth. 

​Taking up temporary jobs are ideal for individuals in Singapore who want to test-drive jobs in various industries before deciding on a career path. For instance, a finance student might want to take up a temporary job at a bank to understand how the bank operates and what is expected of a full-time employee. 

Unlike part-time jobs in Singapore, most temporary jobs in Singapore are tied to annual events or improvement projects where a company needs a few extra pairs of hands to keep up with business transformation goals. 

Taking up temporary jobs may open doors to permanent positions in the company if a candidate works well with other full-time staff and shows dedication, a willingness to learn as well as initiative. 

​Recruiters like BGC Group are always more than happy to extend the employment contract on the wishes of the employer, should the company require more assistance to meet business expectations. When the contract ends with the current employer on a good note, the agency will readily connect proven candidates to similar job opportunities to help bridge your career aspirations.

Is Temporary Employment for You?

These jobs, by definition, are temporary. Contracts for these jobs in Singapore could last anywhere from one month to a year. 

​BGC Group often works with renowned employer brands (e.g. tech giants) for temp contract positions that will look fantastic on your resume. Even though most times they only have temporary vacancies available (for now) - we will still suggest you give these openings a serious shot for a foot in the door!

That said, if you are more comfortable with something more permanent for more job security, and are willing to spend more time on the job market, why not consider full time jobs instead? 

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