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Temporary & Contract Jobs in Singapore

You are looking for an extra source of income, expand your skillset, and retain flexibility.
And you need help landing a contract job given the current employment climate in Singapore.

Are you looking to secure a temporary role in Singapore? Or are you a student on a gap year looking to try your hands out at various career ventures before deciding on the right career path?

If so, taking on contract job in the next 4-12 months may help you gain highly transferable skills that will build a positively curated career path to accelerate your future career goals!

Given the global recession and current labour market in Singapore, drastic employment contraction has become today's "New Normal" that's unforeseen by many Singaporeans. The unemployment rate in Singapore is expected to rise, and more job seekers are turning to other alternatives to earn an additional source of income.

At BGC Group, we understand the impact potential income loss may have on your livelihood. We have observed employers and enterprises of all sizes embracing the growth of the gig economy and we believe job seekers should, too.

As one of Singapore's largest manpower contracting agencies in the public sector as well as global multinational corporations, we are here to support Singapore job seekers in finding rewarding temporary jobs.

Yes, no matter the economic landscape in Singapore or abroad in Asia, we care to help you succeed.

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How We Assist in Temporary Job Searches in Singapore (Asia)

When you reach out to our BGC consultants, we consider your existing job profile, experience, and aspirations.

Working in line with the situational job market landscapes and demands, we provide personalised updates on relevant job offers in the field that you have expressed your interest in.

From full-time gigs to temporary jobs, we have established strong partnerships with prospective employers in a diverse range of industries. This helps widen the playing field for job seekers in Singapore to explore interesting opportunities.

Depending on your queries, our recruitment specialists can assist you by:

  • Providing relevant job recommendations that align with your career goals

  • Explaining in detail the job requirements and estimated market salaries

  • Arranging for job interviews with prospective employers

  • Responding promptly to queries and challenges faced during your job hunt

BGC Group works closely with reputable employer brands and is kept in the loop of the upcoming job offers in varying industries.

If you are seeking to reap the full benefits of contract employment, apply for jobs through a job recruitment agency like BGC Group for added perks.

Get in Touch for Contract Jobs in Singapore

As the leading and largest public sector manpower recruitment agency in Singapore, our years of experience in sectors such as IT, Healthcare and Corporate Business functions, our success rates in perfect matches between job seekers and potential employers is a testament to our service effectiveness.

Contact us and allow our job consultants to go the extra mile in guiding you through your job search.

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