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Thinking of generating some side income? Why not consider taking up some part time jobs in Singapore?

Working part time is an easy way to earn some money whilst juggling other academic and familial responsibilities. 

BGC Group's job portal offers Singaporeans a wide variety of part time jobs across a broad spectrum of industries and various levels of experience. 

For example, you can take up an entry-level position during the school break or a career transition, just to get a taste of working in general business support functions, or even hone your interpersonal communication skills in customer service roles. ​

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Benefits of Working Part Time 

Whether you are a student on vacation looking for some extra spending power, a stay-at-home mother looking for an opportunity with minimal commitment, or a very bored retiree looking to pass time, there are numerous perks to taking up part time jobs in Singapore.

Earning extra income allows you to free up a tight budget for things that matter - this allows you to enjoy a better quality of life. 

Unlike full-time or permanent jobs, most part time jobs operate on rotational shifts and offer flexible hours. You could tailor your work schedule based on your availability and preferences. If you have additional heavy commitments (eg. weekly night classes for university), you could find casual labour type of positions to complement your roster. 

More importantly, taking up part time jobs in Singapore helps candidates to add colour to their professional experience with work opportunities in different processes and company cultures in various distinct industries. For instance, students who aspire to work in the exciting world of the media and communications industry can get their first-hand experience of business processes and project management in an events setup.  

Why Use Our Jobs Portal? 

You'll have full access to an enormous database of job opportunities when you use our portal!

Job seekers can filter out opportunities based on employment type, location, business sectors and many more. If you would like to be kept up to date on the latest opportunities at BGC Group, you should make sure to enable your job alerts!

If you are an employer  seeking part time applicants, make sure to leave your HR outsourcing activities to us for the best recruitment experience! With an active database of over 25,000 job seekers, we are able to quickly recommend ideal candidates who fit your job description and company culture. 

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