Statistic Officer

Location: Singapore
Job Type: Temporary / Contract
Reference: JO-1901-3829

Job description:

  1. Work closely with stakeholders to understand their needs/pain points/requirements to optimise their processes/resources;
  2. Perform data extraction, data cleaning and pre-processing to facilitate meaningful analysis;
  3. Analyse the data and information provided on the processes/operations to better understand the problem;
  4. Identify the modelling goal;
  5. Formulate the mathematical model to optimise the processed/resources, taking in consideration the stakeholders’ objectives, requirements and constraints;
  6. Prepare the data for modelling use;
  7. Analyse the results from possible model options;
  8. Propose implementation plans and prepare reports/presentations; and
  9. Work with stakeholders to ensure smooth deployment and adoption of new solution.

Job requirement:

  • Degree in any discipline, advantage given to those who majored in Mathematics / Statistics;
  • Programming Skills preferred