Sports Nutritionist

Location: Central Region
Job Type: Temporary / Contract
Reference: JO-2005-8209

Job description:

  1. Service Delivery

    1. Provide high-quality, sport-specific, evidence-based and performance-focused services, to address issues identified by coaches and athletes

    2. Ascertain appropriate needs analysis of sports programs to develop appropriate evidence-based education, interventions and support for the benefit of the athletes and coaches from a well-being and performance-focused approach

    3. Conduct Individualised laboratory- and field-based testing

    4. Provide resource materials on Sports Nutrition and online access to nutrition information (e.g., overviews, guidelines and practical tips)

  2. Research & Development (R&D)

    1. Build R&D work into ongoing support and service delivery to sport programs

    2. Conduct exercise- and health-related R&D work that will impact the larger Singapore community (i.e., the general public), as well as applied research to answer targeted questions by sport programs

    3. Supervise R&D work as part of students’ Final-Year Project

  3. Education

    1. To develop and deliver educational materials, as well as to educate coaches, athletes and students through the means of workshops and courses.

    2. Teach, mentor and supervise interns and trainees attached to Singapore Sports Institute.

  4. Capability Development

    1. Identify knowledge gaps and resources to bridge these gaps

    2. Implement a career pathway based on best practices and international standards

    3. To reach out to the pool of expertise in Singapore by engaging with local and international domain experts through seminars and workshops.

    4. Contribute towards technological and innovative projects which enhance the local sport science ecosystem

Job requirement:

  • Min diploma in Human/Sport Nutrition, Dietetics 

  • Registered with the Singapore Nutrition & Dietetics Association or equivalent

  • Basic background in the application of progressive, evidence-based Sport Nutrition support to individual athletes, teams and coaches, in a high-performance sporting environment is desired.

  • Basic background knowledge and understanding of other sport science disciplines such as physiology, psychology, strength & conditioning, and biomechanics.

  • Open and dedicated to engaging in respectful and effective relationship building with stakeholders from diverse sports and backgrounds

  • Able to juggle time constraints servicing across multiple sports whilst managing expected team, division and organisational commitments and requirements.

  • Willingness to work unconventional hours and undertake overseas assignments if needed.