Site Reliability Engineer

Location: Singapore
Job Type: Permanent


  • Maintain search and upper-layer data applications. As a product maintenance engineer, be able to perform routine maintenance, fault locating, and troubleshooting of search or big data systems, to ensure the stable running of systems and services.

  • Analyze the performance of the search or big data system and optimize the system, including developing automatic O&M scripts, periodically clearing junk data and tasks, and supporting site upgrade, installation, and emergency troubleshooting.

  • Take certain training responsibilities, introduce the above product skills, and transfer basic product technical knowledge to engineers through training and on-site support.

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree or above. Familiar with basic big data components, such as Hadoop/Spark/Spark Streaming/Hive/Hbase/Zookeeper/Flume/Flink/Kafka/Redis/Es.

  • Be familiar with Linux OS. Be familiar with basic SQL syntax and have used database programming languages such as HiveSQL, SparkSQL, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

  • Be able to formulate O&M deployment plans and solutions and prepare O&M reports based on the actual situation. Be able to develop system monitoring indicators. Be able to detect platform problems through data analysis.

  • Experience in system and solution maintenance is preferred