Senior Manager / Assistant Director (Volunteer Management)

Location: Central Region
Job Type:test Temporary / Contract
Reference: JO-2012-9914

Job description:

  1. Formulate, review and execute strategic policies in partnership with the various Departments, on community partnerships and volunteer management matters, and ensuring alignment with the department's strategic directions.
  2. Attracting, engaging and retaining volunteers, as well as partnership with the wider community such as private organisations;
  3. Management of the volunteers under the ambit of the Volunteers Network. This includes working closely with the department to review the schemes, manage the volunteer base, management of the ICT system and database, management of social media outreach efforts, review and administration of volunteer retention efforts such as awards and recognition
  4. Conceptualise and implement/organise relevant programmes to engage the volunteers, equip them for the task, appreciate and sustain their interest and support. This includes formulating the event objectives, contents, programme flow and operationalization of the activity.
  5. Review of the various recruitment, engagement and retention policies and programmes to address gaps surfaced through the Volunteer Engagement Surveys and other feedback channels;
  6. Provide secretariat support for the Committee which advises on volunteer policies and matters, promulgate volunteer management best practices that would contribute to a robust volunteer management framework to enhance volunteering experience. It also promotes activities to strengthen identity among volunteers;
  7. Perform any other duties as assigned.

Job requirement:

  • A recognised degree in a relevant field
  • Preferably at least 3 years of experience in community / volunteer engagement or similar fields.
  • A positive spirit, good communication skills, flair in writing, and a passion for people will put you
  • A strong command of English is preferred.
  • Singaporeans only