Patient Service Officer

Location: Central Region
Job Type: Temporary / Contract
Reference: JO-2007-8679

Job Description:

  1. Serve patients
    1. Greet and assist patients (e.g. at screening station and registration)
    2. Attend to patients’ queries and needs (e.g. provide wheelchair to patients)
    3. Screen patients, ask relevant questions and tag them to the appropriate clinic(s)
    4. Observe and tag fall risk patients, and issue facemask if required
    5. Identify those who need to be directed to nursing triage or isolation room (e.g. emergency treatment or suspected infectious diseases in accordance to NHGP’s guidelines)
    6. Promote the use of self-help kiosks to patients
    7. Manage patients in queue (e.g. maintain social distancing)
  2. Register patients
    1. Ascertain patient's purpose of visit, enter details into the system and direct patients to appropriate location
    2. Manage the thermal scanner machine to differentiate patients with higher temperature

Job Requirement:

  • Minimum: O level certificate
  • You need to have a caring nature as a majority of the patients are the elderly 
  • comfortable with staggered shifts
  • Do not have skin allergies (able to use alcohol hand rub)