Patient Service Attendant

Location: Central Region;North Region;South Region;East Region;West Region
Job Type: Permanent
Reference: JO-1812-3357

As a Patient Service Associate, you are responsible for facilitating the patients' journey through various service stations in clinic and manage patients' registration, appointment scheduling, referral and payment processes in the front line.

  1. Reception / Pre-registration
    1. Attend to patients enquiries and feedback
    2. Observe and identify patients with medical conditions requiring nurse triage
    3. Identify/tag fall risk patients and offer wheelchair
    4. Determine services required for medical/social priority patients and register them to relevant service stations
  2. Registration
    1. Perform patient and document verification and update patient particulars in ePOS
    2. Verify patient subsidy/benefit/third-party status
    3. Ask the patient for purpose of visit and assign patients to the appropriate service stations in the proper sequence. This includes identifying patients with medical conditions requiring nurse triage or segregation.
    4. Identify and highlight patients requests/special needs/conditions in ePOS to alert service providers
    5. Print service chit and guide patients to the next service station in visit itinerary
  3. Referral
    1. Schedule follow-up appointment with Specialist Outpatient Clinics (SOCs) for patients with other healthcare institutions
    2. Advise patients on doctors or institutions instructions for the appointments
    3. Monitor and update the referral worklist to ensure all referrals are attended to and patients have been informed of the referral details
    4. Assist in patient queries and request for referral related matters like duplicated referral letter
  4. Appointment
    1. Schedule and book appointment for patients to return for follow-up services as ordered by clinicians
    2. Advise patients on specific instructions for the appointments
    3. Ensure sufficient medicine for patients till next review period
  5. Checkout
    1. Verify services rendered and relevant service codes are captured
    2. Verify patient subsidy/benefit/3rd party status
    3. Collect payment from patient and generate bill / receipt
    4. Ensure proper accounting and reconciliation of daily monetary transactions
    5. Assist patients with Medisave/CDA submissions
  6. Administrative Duties
    1. Perform any other administrative duties that may be assigned by Clinic Operations Management.

Job requirement:

  • Minimum "O" level
  • Have a good command of the English language
  • Friendly and approachable disposition
  • You must be comfortable with long hours of standing.