Outdoor Nurse Practitioner

Location: Central Region;North Region;South Region;East Region;West Region
Job Type: Permanent
Reference: JO-1908-5949

Job description:

  1. Manage the medical supplies and pharmaceutical inventories and maintaining an adequate stock level.
  2. Managing procurement (e.g AOR, ITQ) and also work closely with procurement officers
  3. Liaising with vendors to request for quotations and follow up with them to check on the status of the order
  4. Uploading of important documents to ensure that the team site is in order.
  5. To plan and conduct four Continuing Medical Education session annually.
  6. To book the learning rooms with the Training Operation officers and raise AOR when engaging external speakers.
  7. Preparing of training administrative documents. Issuing of teaching material to participants.
  8. Booking of learning rooms and sending of training report to management after every session conducted.
  9. Sourcing out for new Expedition support equipment. Regularly verifies status of medical equipment’s to ensure operational readiness.
  10. Administers first aid treatment to OBS participants and staff to stabilise injuries and save life.
  11. Treats minor medical conditions, e.g fever, cold, or headaches to prevent deterioration.
  12. Screens medical forms to ensure applicants meet OBS requirements for courses.
  13. Based on the review of medical forms, shall be responsible to contact clients/parents/school counsellor to gather more medical information before accepting or rejecting participants into courses.
  14. Informs Head (MST) on cases required to be send to polyclinic/hospital stat through phone call/text messages as part of reporting.
  15. Develop and reviews SOPs to improve clinical, management and training within the medical centre takes initiatives to provide update on medical conditions/epidemics to MST Unit Nurses and to Operations and training unit.
  16. Delivers safe medical management/treatment and provide patient education to participants visiting the medical centre.
  17. Precept and Inducts new agency nurses to be operationally ready to provide medical care.
  18. Responsible to deliver high standard of medical clinical care to participants visiting the medical centre to ensure clinical excellence.
  19. Conducts medical training for instructional staff for operationally readiness.
  20. Prepares and issues Medical/First Aid Pouches to instructors/participants.
  21. Performs 24 hours’ duty to provide first-line medical care.
  22. Performs standby activation role to send cases to hospital after office hours.
  23. Maintains the tidiness of the medical centre as part of operational readiness.

Job requirements:

  • Degree in Nursing; Diploma holders with relevant experience will also be considered;
  • Must be a Singapore Registered Nurse with Singapore Nursing Board;
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in trauma management will be advantageous;
  • Certificate in Advanced Wilderness First Aid is a valuable skill to possess for this role;
  • Likes the outdoors and is medically fit;
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills, together with the ability to conduct First Aid related training.