[GOVT | Up to $11.60/HR ] Dengue Prevention Outreach Officers

Location: Singapore
Job Type: Temporary / Contract
Reference: JO-2204-16268

You will support the one of government organisation to conduct outreach on public health issues such as dengue prevention to the community. The goal of the government organisation is to develops and integrates educational and publicity initiatives and programmes for the 3P (People, Public, Private) sectors. This ensures greater synergy and effectiveness in government outreach programmes to promote greater environmental sustainability. Through the planning and organising of partnership programmes and activities/events, gov also aims to raise awareness of environmental issues in the community and to equip them with the skills and knowledge to take ownership of the environment.


You will be responsible for the following: 


  1. Execute outreach duties on the ground to engage residents on public health issues such as dengue prevention. Modes of engagement would be through house to house visits and deployment at high footfall areas in dengue cluster areas / areas with higher Aedes aegypti mosquitoes population to distribute dengue prevention outreach materials (leaflets, insect repellents) to the public. 
  2. Engage and educate the public to take dengue preventive and self-protection steps such as do the Mozzie Wipeout,spray insecticide in dark corners around the home and apply insect repellent regularly 
  3. And any other ad hoc duties as assigned based on operational needs

Note: Duties will be adjusted in accordance to the needs and requirements of the department.

Job Requirements:

  • Possess good interpersonal skills, be flexible and friendly, with an aptitude for public engagement
  • Fluent in English and mother tongue. Fluency in dialect is a bonus.
  • Ability to persuade others to change their mindset and/or behaviour
  • Able to walk for long hours to do outreach via house-to-house visits in HDB/ Landed Estates settings or at high footfall areas in dengue cluster areas / areas with higher Aedes aegypti mosquitoes population
  • Able to perform rotating shift work on weekdays after office hours 


Additional Requirements

  • Willing to travel and work in multiple locations. Shifts and locations for deployment may change on a daily basis, depending on operational needs
  • The officer must be comfortable to work in a typical outdoor environment (HDB/ Landed Estates). 
  • Physically fit as job encompasses mainly field work
  • Those with pre-existing medical conditions that may affect their well-being (e.g. asthma, heart condition, eczema, hypertension, low blood pressure etc) after working long hours in an outdoor environment will not be suitable.
  • Interest in public health related work
  • Ability to work independently