Full Stack Developer

Location: Singapore
Job Type: Temporary / Contract
Reference: JO-2107-12431

Salary: Up to $6,000 / month
Contract duration: 12 months
Nearest MRT: Expo
Working hours: Monday - Friday (Office hours)

Job Responsibilities: 

  • Should have a solid technical skills with diversity of thought and creative solutions that are in the best interests of our customers globally.
  • Taking the ownership of design and development of applications.
  • Taking the ownership of driving the discussion with business users
  • Deliver project in time, a single point of contact and responsible for the delivery.
  • Design, analyse, develop, unit testing (TDD) and regression automation (BDD) to deliver product backlog for large and complex projects.
  • Adopting and practicing Agile methodologies including, but not limited to, story grooming, sprint planning, complexity analysis, stand-up calls, and sprint retrospectives.
  • Adhere to firm-wide architecture standards, risk management and security policies.
  • Team player and ability to work in Global Team setup, product owners and business team to develop, build & support application.
  • Communicate and collaborate on development items with global team, as well as raise/work to resolve issues impacting development.
  • Postproduction application support
  • Participate in quality assurance, peer reviews and code reviews Qualifications

Job Requirements: 

  • Minimum qualification: Degree in Computer Science/ IT or other related fields
  • Thought leader in the group especially in the end-to-end solution.
  • Up to date with latest ongoing technologies in the industry
  • Well-spoken/Articulate and Emotionally intelligent
  • Passionate about development
  • Opensource contributor
  • Well connected to industry members, attends developer and tech meetups.
  • Strong understanding of DevOps practices, tools and techniques.
  • Hands-on experience using frameworks like Spring (boot, data, batch, cloud), React, Angular, etc
  • Experienced deploying application in a containerized environment using docker/Kubernetes/PCF/Openshift/AWS etc.
  • Technical Skills: 
    • Programming Languages & Frameworks
      • Java, NodeJS, Python, Camel
      • Spring (Boot, Batch, Cloud, Data) 
      • Hadoop, Spark, Impala
      • Workflow Engines (Activity) 
      • Junit, Mockito, Maven, Gradle
      • JMS, ActiveMQ, KAFKA
    • Database
      • MySQL, MariaDB
      • MongoDB
      • ArangoDB, Neo4J
      • Elasticsearch, Hazelcast, Redis
      • Any ColumnStore Databases 
      • RocksDB, LevelDB, Ignite                
    • Automation & Version Controlling
      • Jenkins, Gitlab-CI/CD
      • GitHub, GitLab
      • Subversion
    • Machine Learning & Data Mining 
      • Recommender Systems 
      • Natural Language Processing
      • Clustering & Classification 
      • Regression
      • Decision Trees, Rule Mining 
    • Web Technologies & Frameworks 
      • React, ReactNatve, jQuery 
      • JavaScript, TypeScript
      • HTML5, SCSS, CSS, Bootstrap 
      • Web Services, REST, SOAP
      • Web Sockets, STOMP, XMPP
      • Jasmine, Karma, Protractor
    • Cloud Computing & Microservices 
      • Docker
      • Kubernetes 
      • Open Shift, PCF
      • AWS
      • Tomcat, Nginix, Apache 
    • Tools 
      • Sonar, SonarQube 
      • Logstash, Kibana, Dynatrace 
      • Prometheus, Grafana 
      • Visual VM, JMeter
      • Postman, Swagger
    • Other
      • OAuth 2, Open ID, Auth0 JWT
      • Intellij Idea, WebStorm 
      • Linus, Ubuntu, Windows, 
      • SCRUM, Agile
      • Design Thinking