Care Coordinator Associate

Location: Singapore
Job Type: Temporary / Contract
Reference: JO-2104-11425

Salary: Up to $2,600/Month

Location: Queenstown

Working timing: 5 days (Shift work)

Virtual Care Hotline

  • Manage medical helpline during office hours and after office hours (in 24/7 settings) and facilitate tele-triaging. Attends to queries receive via an integrated 24-hours telephone hotline that forms a network for triaging patients, and provides an avenue to caregivers and community partners to connect with Alexandra Hospital for information relating to the health and well-being of patients and clients within Queenstown community.
  • Tele-triaging and matching patient/client’s needs with the most appropriate resources; following up with clinical teams in care intervention required. Enabling patients to have more direct access to acute care and enable early detection of any deterioration. Following up with patients/ NOK and facilitate on care intervention plans. Responsibility in connecting care intervention within and outside of hospital (community partners). Follow-up on outstanding cases and perform a call-back if necessary.

Referral Management

  • Understands the inclusion and exclusion criteria for community case and transitional care referrals. Triage all referrals received via the hospital messaging system and allocate appropriate patients to members within the One with Community Team.
  • Updates database in an accurate and timely manner. Follow-up with assignment of referral to the relevant Care Manager where appropriate.
  • Acknowledge and responds to the referral source via the hospital messaging system accordingly.

Care & Case Management

  • Recruit high risk patients through multiple platform; via inpatient MDMs, direct referrals, and/or discharge screenings, etc.
  • Work with Senior/Care Managers to assess patient's medical-nursing, psycho-social, functional status and daily activity needs; as well as their existing support system availability upon enrolment into programme.
  • Understand the various ranges of services and available options in the patient’s community and coordinate the necessary referrals accordingly and in a timely manner. Be able to explain to patients and caregivers the options and encourage enrolment.
  • Provide a valuable link by ongoing collaboration among the patients, families/caregivers and the multidisciplinary teams on a timely basis.
  • Conduct follow-up telephonic reviews and/ or conduct home visits to ensure smooth coping of patients and caregivers in the community.
  • Promote and guide positive changes in patient’s lifestyle in the community.
  • Monitor patient’s general medical condition during home visit; update Care Manager and report to patient’s Principal Doctor or primary care provider and/or community partner where necessary. Responsibility in connecting care intervention within and outside of hospital (community partners).
  • Be an advocate for advanced care planning initiatives; linking patients and their families for ACP conversation with relevant community partners.
  • Tracks and monitor team’s database to ensure timely and accurate updates for recruited patients.
  • Assist team in appointment creation, actualization and billing if required.

Outpatient to Community Collaboration

  • To support and work alongside with clinic and community operations teams to identify, triage and verify patients suitable for right-siting to primary care.
  • To explain to patients, the relevant information and facilitate right-siting arrangements.
  • Support service initiatives, provide care links that improves patient’s quality of life and health status from the ease of the home.

Other opportunities:

  • Station in community healthcare posts when needed, where patient/ residents can be cared for conveniently within their community.
  • Participate in activities that contribute towards the improvement of patient care, including professional development sessions to build relevant areas of knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • Participate in projects and/or community events organized by Alexandra Hospital or partners within Queenstown community.
  • Any other duties as assigned by Reporting Officer.  


  • Diploma or equivalent professional qualification in Nursing, Social Work or Allied Health, Health Services Management, Health Management & Promotion.
  • Nitec in Nursing and has relevant working experience in clinics or contact centre will be considered.
  • Preferably with 3 to 5 years of working experience in healthcare industry, contact centre environment and/or service related industry.
  • Able to work outside office hours, when necessary, for conduct of talks, events, etc., to cater to residents’ needs.