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​You are one of the thousands of fresh graduates in Singapore’s job market.
And you need help with landing a job after graduating.

Are you a fresh graduate looking for jobs in Singapore? Or a student on semester break looking to beef up your resume before trying to land your first job to better transit between school and career? 

We understand the importance of finding a job upon graduation. From gaining experience in a field of interest to testing waters before committing to a specific career path, landing your first job is vital in making any form of career progression. However, given the current economic uncertainties and high expectations of young fresh graduates – amongst other reasons – finding a job in Singapore may take a while.

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How We Assist Fresh Graduates with Their
Job Search in Singapore (Asia) 

When you reach out to BGC group, we take into consideration your job aspirations and relevant experience to provide you with personalised updates on the job offers in the industry that you are interested in. From part-time to full-time gigs, we partner with potential employers in a wide variety of sectors such as Finance, Information Technology, Healthcare, and more.

Our dedicated team of HR recruitment specialists can assist you by:

  • Providing realistic job recommendations that meet your lifestyle needs and interest

  • Explain potential job scopes and market salaries in detail

  • Arranging job interviews with potential employers

  • Clearing queries and doubts regarding your job search

  • Providing you with interview and presentation tips

As the largest government contracts recruitment agency in Singapore, we work very closely with high profile clients in both the public and private sectors as industry advisors. This gives us the insider’s take on potential jobs before they are even advertised to the public. If you are a fresh graduate, get ahead of the game and reap the benefits of applying for jobs through a job recruitment agency like BGC Group.

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Get in touch for a best-fit fresh graduate job in Singapore that is tailored to your needs. As a leading recruitment agency in Singapore, we have spent over 15 years matching Singapore fresh graduates to potential employers. Therefore, you can trust that BGC Group and our team of job consultants will commit to guiding you through your journey to rewarding employment.  

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