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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Job Search FAQs

    ​Q: How do I access my jobseeker account on BGC Group?

    To be able to access your jobseeker account to apply for new job listings on BGC, please make sure that you have an account with a verified email address with BGC.

    To view your job applications and adjust your job alert settings via your jobseeker dashboard, click on the login/register button > jobseekers.​

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    Q: What is a 'resume drop'?

    BGC's resume drop or the quick 'upload cv' feature is used by job seekers who wish for our recruitment specialists to get in touch with them whenever an awesome job vacancy relevant to their profile comes up.

    Please note that a jobseeker account will not be automatically created for you using this feature.

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    Q: How much will it cost for me to find a job through BGC?​

    ​Absolutely nothing!

    There are zero “hidden costs” for candidates and clients alike when it comes to using the help and services of specialist recruiters at BGC Group. In fact, our recruiters have your best interests since we have ceased operating on a commission-based scheme since 2017.

    Our recruitment consultants will not receive a cut of your pay. However, you will have to note that this may still be a common practice used by other recruiters in our industry in order to stay competitive and maintain low employer costs. This results in poor candidate prospects and high turnover due to bad job matching. BGC believes that whenever high stakes commissions are at play, both candidates and employers end up with a shorter end of the bargain.

    Our success is very much dependent on establishing strong, long-term relationships with our employers, whose success is based on your job longevity. What this essentially means is that our candidates are getting great service for free!

    Also, here's why you should let BGC help you with your job search.

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    Q: Is there a minimum age to apply for jobs here at BGC?

    BGC has a list of approved temp jobs that are open to young persons over 16 of age time which must abide by MOM's practices.
    In general, our job vacancies are open to all locals above the age of 18.

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    Q: I am currently seeking employment, who should I reach out to?

    You're in the right place! There are 3 ways you can go about doing this.

    1. Check out our job portal for the latest open job vacancies available at BGC Group

    2. Do a resume drop for potential vacancies that may not have been immediately posted online

    3. Get in touch with the recruitment specialist who has posted the vacancy for the role!
      #ProTip: Please include your resume and share reasons why your experience makes a great fit for the role!

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    Q: I have found employment and wish to stop receiving job alert​s

    Great job on securing your new role!

    If you are receiving job alerts as a subscriber, follow these steps to unsubscribe or change the frequency of receiving job alerts: Login to your account > Jobs > Job Alerts > Check 'Unsubscribe'.

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    Q: I am a foreigner looking to relocate to Singapore, can BGC help find me employment?

    Unfortunately, we do not specialise in helping non-current work pass holders find employment in Singapore.

    BGC Group is a local recruitment agency that specialises in permanent and temporary placements for roles that require locals -Singaporeans and permanent residents.

    We may only be able to provide HR support at the request of your direct employer in Singapore.

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    Q: I would like to register for the next upcoming mass walk-in interview session

    As much as we'd love to return to the good ol' days where we have our mass walk-in interviews for the public, our office still remains closed to walk-in visitors for safe management measures.

    We encourage you to get in touch with your designated BGC recruitment specialist (if you have one assisting you) or contact us for job support!

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    Q: How do I take part in BGC's referral programme?

    Anyone based in Singapore can take part in our referral programme.

    Click to learn about our latest referral rewards programme.

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    Q: ​​I would like to request the permanent removal of my personal data at BGC Group.

    If you wish to withdraw consent to our use of your Personal Data in our records, please contact our DPO team via contact @, including the following information:

    1) Your full name

    2) Email addresses associated with BGC correspondences or accounts

    3) Name of the recruitment specialist(s) you have liaised with

    ​We respect the protection and privacy of your personal data, and strictly adhere to Singapore's PDPA standards outlined in our privacy policy.

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    Contract Employee FAQs

    Q: Who should I go to for assistance regarding BGC's WECARE™ portal?

    ​For all current contract employees of BGC, your designated Candidate HR (CHR) will be the best person to get in touch with on all WECARE™ matters such as leave management, claims, timesheets and other contractual matters.

    Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact BGC Group or call our CHR hotline at 6671 4855.

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    Q: I just completed a contract with BGC, is BGC able to assist with job matching for other roles?

    We are more than happy to!

    We recommend that you get in touch with your Candidate HR (CHR) prior to your contract end date to let inform us of your interest in a contract renewal with our client employer or start afresh with one of BGC's many other job opportunities.

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    Q: I wish to refer a friend for a suitable role, how can I take part in BGC's referral programme?

    There are two ways you can go about this:

    1) If you know of an opening with our client employer and wish to recommend your friend for the role, simply let your recruitment specialist know. Make sure to share with us your friend's contact details as well as great reasons why you think he/she would make a great fit! We'll follow up with the rest + referral reward (when your friend is successfully hired!)

    2) Refer friends (with their knowledge) who are open to job opportunities directly to us via our Refer-A-Friend campaign!

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    ​Employer FAQs

    Q: What HR solutions can BGC provide?

    ​BGC specialises in talent search and recruitment for these key areas: IT, corporate business functions, back-office, healthcare and more.

    Our HR solutions are more than just temporary and specialist recruitment outsourcing solutions.

    We care about helping HRs and procurement teams save money, time, and onboarding highly qualified candidates for their budget.

    For over a decade, we have supported hundreds of clients in managing high-volume manpower operations projects as a Managed Service Provider (MSP). We tailor according to your project's requirements, and this may comprise a full suite of HR and payroll administration activities - all backed by our in-house SaaS solution, WECARE™.

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    Q: Who should I contact to verify the employment history of a previous BGC employee?

    ​Our Candidate HRs (CHRs) keep records on past contract employees who have worked at BGC Group.

    Please submit a request for employment verification including in your message: the employee's full name, NRIC, title, and service duration.

    We will get in touch with you regarding your request shortly.

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    Q: Can I get a quote for my service request?

    Of course!

    We seek to understand your requirements before recommending our best HR solutions. There is no one-size-fits all approach to this because we care to get a full picture of your requirements.

    Simply provide us with your job order or service request details and a sales representative will get in touch with you shortly.

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    Q: What is WECARE™?

    WECARE™ is BGC Group's proprietary workforce management solution that was created to solve the administrative headaches of HR professionals.

    Our SaaS portal allows for easy candidate onboarding, scheduling, and HR management of thousands of contract employees who may office at different locations and on different shifts.

    Mundane tasks such as timesheet tracking, payroll calculation, claims, and report generation can be easily automated and customised using WECARE™.

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    Q: ​How soon can I get suitable candidate profiles for my job vacancy?

    Once we have a keener understanding of your candidate requirements and received a sign-off on our mutual service agreement, the team seeks to have qualified profiles sent to you as soon as 3 days.

    Clients looking to fill senior/niche positions typically start receiving suitable profiles from our account managers in a week or so.

    On a case review basis, our specialists may offer you test profiles before requiring the service agreement, just to be clear on our understanding of any niche requirements.

    Have a chat with us and find out how our services can work for you!

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    Q: What if I am not satisfied with the candidate recommended by BGC?

    The team earns its keep through making successful hires for our clients. If you've made a deposit for the candidate search to commence, we will refund you in full if we are unable to make any successful placements by the agreed timeline.

    Our account managers and recruitment specialists are here to help you succeed.

    If we have failed to make satisfactory recommendations early in your shortlisting process, help us learn what could be done better!

    BGC has an always-learning culture. Your account managers are here to improve your hiring experience and share better recommendations.

    Should you wish to share your feedback in areas we​ might have fallen short in, please get in touch.

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    Q: Will there be a guarantee period for candidates successfully hired with BGC's help?

    We have a performance guarantee clause in our service agreement to ensure that BGC works in the best interests of both candidates and clients.

    Should our candidates resign prematurely or fail to meet reasonable job expectations during the guarantee period, we will provide the client with a free replacement hire.

    However, there are fair exceptions to our replacement/refunds policy. Our policy does not cover cases in which candidate termination or redundancy are due to reasons unrelated to candidate performance/misconduct.

    ​For any clarifications on the guarantee, we recommend you get in touch with your account manager soonest.

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