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    Share your employer risks with a trustworthy co-employer who will manage your HR administration and workforce deployment. You manage strategy.

    Now we all know that payroll processing, manpower deployment and leave management are tediously painful processes for HRs everywhere. While these processes are time-consuming, they are necessary evils for every company - no matter how big or small. 

    Instead of channeling additional manpower for payroll and leave, why not consider outsourcing these processes? 

    If you consider automating your leave management and payroll processing, your HR team can enjoy greater efficiency in administrative work. 

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    HR's All-in-one Leave Management System

    For leave requests, approvals to consolidating medical certificates, our leave management system makes payroll and leave application processes as easy as pie. 

    With minimal manual intervention on your part, employees can apply for leave on the leave management system and the HR managers can easily approve the requested leave.

    BGC Group’s WECARE™ portal empowers even short-term temporary contract employees with a self-service leave management system. Your employees will be able to check their leave balances and requests from the system in their own time without having to wait on the HR team. 

    Our integrated leave management system instantly updates unavailability and work rosters with minimal manual work needed on your end. 

    HR Outsourcing Specialists Only One Call Away  

    We have confidently placed highly skilled candidates with countless of our happy MNC clients and as Singapore's No. 1 largest HR outsourcing recruitment agency for the government sector. 

    Along with talent sourcing in Singapore, our WECARE™ HR outsourcing solution covers:

    1. automated payroll calculation: automated computation of wages based on customised requirements

    2. time clock & attendance & leave tracking

    3. claims expense management

    4. invoice & report generation

    5. secure data protection: managed cybersecurity coverage on all hosting, security and infrastructure

    6. schedule management

    7. training and development

    8. service performance management support

    9. liability management

    Your previously mundane and tedious administrative workloads are in our good hands (with automation of course!)

    Get in touch with us for WECARE™ HR solutions tailored for your organisation's specific needs!

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