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    Employers, are you looking to hire nurses or allied healthcare workers at your organisation? 

    ​Our Healthcare Specialist Recruiters can help

    Healthcare workers such as nurses are one of the most essential manpower resources in Singapore, with there being a huge talent shortage and high demand from employers in both the private and public sector. We understand that it may be hard to fill your healthcare talent gaps fast enough in Singapore. 

    As the leading recruitment agency in the Singapore public sector, we keep pulse with the healthcare field's growing requirements for healthcare talent. Whether you are looking for contract-term medical researchers for a long-term clinical research project, a pharmacy assistant at your clinic,  or to engage a HR recruitment outsourcing agency to manage your freelance contract nurses - we are all ears.  

    We keep an updated database of our healthcare contractors, and we are able to source you suitable candidates in the healthcare sector fast. Our healthcare specialist recruiters in Singapore are dedicated to provide employers with in-depth market knowledge on what healthcare candidates are seeking, and get them onboard your organisation.

    Leave your healthcare recruitment in our good hands.

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    Healthcare Roles we have hired for in Singapore

    Our healthcare recruiters are attuned to the professional accreditation and experience required for crucial healthcare workers at all job levels. Hospitals and public health research organisations are just some clients whom we recruit healthcare workers very frequently enough for to know what the market is seeking from healthcare candidate profiles. 

    We are here to help you succeed with your healthcare HR management.

    As specialists in healthcare recruitment outsourcing, these are some of the healthcare areas that we recruit candidates of all levels for:

    • Agency Nurses

    • Hospitals

    • Integrated Care

    • Pharmacy 

    • Medical Research 

    • Biomedical Technology

    Shorten your time to hire by reaching out to BGC Group.

    List of Healthcare recruitment outsourcing services available at BGC Group in Singapore

    Our recruitment team at our agency in Singapore doesn't just stop at hiring. We specialise in a myriad of outsourcing services, ranging from candidate sourcing to managing your manpower scheduling activities and payroll administration as the co-employer.

    We help employers make better recruitment decisions so that they can enhance the strength of their healthcare workforce with the talents they need for their organisations. We also care to streamline the recruitment process for healthcare employers so that they can hire more efficiently and effectively.

    Here are some of our healthcare recruitment outsourcing services for employers in Singapore:

    • Job market intelligence 

    • Job attraction and candidate sourcing

    • Cv screening and shortlisting

    • Interview scheduling and coordination 

    • Compensation package negotiation and offering

    • Recruiter on demand

    Get in touch for a best-fit healthcare recruitment outsourcing solution with our search and recruitment agency, tailored to your organisation's needs in Singapore.

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