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    As the leading recruitment & HR agency in Singapore, ​WECARE™ to find the right job talents and deliver entire HR solutions for all your outsourcing needs.

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    HR Outsourcing

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    You need Recruitment Outsourcing Services

    Do you need help recruiting capable teammates fast?

    We can help you fill your manpower blanks quite quickly with our active candidate database.  Our friendly recruitment outsourcing specialists in Singapore are the best people to help you hire high-volumes of right employees for the job. You will have your projects up and running in a jiffy.

    Our team can assist you with:

    1. job market intelligence 

    2. job attraction and candidate sourcing

    3. cv screening and shortlisting

    4. interview scheduling and coordination 

    5. compensation package negotiation and offering

    6. recruiter on demand

    Get in touch for a best-fit recruitment outsourcing solution, tailored for your business' needs in Singapore. 

    You need full/partial HR Outsourcing

    A flexible needs-based HR team to take away heavy administrative processes for your temporary employees is possible.

    Before we start laying out the groundwork, we are prepared to sit with you to understand your manpower needs down to a T. 
    We are able to efficiently accommodate to a full range of HR management duties that will help you yield cost savings. 

    This is made possible with reliable, automated HR processes backed by WECARE™ technology. 

    Along with mass recruitment, our HR outsourcing solutions also cover:

    1. employer of record (EOR): as the co-employer, bgc takes care of all HR matters from onboarding to offboarding

    2. HR compliance: employment laws and benefits for your staff

    3. employee medical and insurance coverage

    4. onboarding & contract management

    5. time attendance tracking: tracking of daily clocked-in attendance

    6. leave & claims expense management: managing leave and expense claims

    7. payroll processing & financing: timely processing and distribution of wages

    Now you can refocus your HR strategy. Your previously mundane and tedious administrative tasks are in technology's good hands.

    Get in touch with us for WECARE™ HR solutions tailored for your organisation's specific needs in Singapore.

    You need Payroll & HR Administration

    Share your employer risks with a trustworthy co-employer who will manage your HR administration. You manage strategy.

    Now we all know how payroll processing can be a tedious process for HRs at many organisations.
    Why not consider outsourcing this to a professional payroll & HR services provider?

    Payroll outsourcing with BGC Group is accurate and efficient with thousands of contract employees from satisfied public sector and global multinational corporations running on our tailored WECARE™ HR solutions.

    Along with talent sourcing in Singapore, our WECARE™ HR outsourcing  solutions cover:

    1. employer of record (EOR):  as the co-employer, bgc takes care of all HR matters from onboarding to offboarding

    2. payroll processing & financing: timely payroll calculation, accurate billing, salary financing, and distribution of wages

    3. HR compliance: employment laws and benefits for your staff

    4. employee medical and insurance coverage

    5. secure data protection: managed cyber security coverage on all hosting, security and infrastructure

    6. talent quota management 

    Your previously mundane and tedious administrative workloads are in our good hands (with automation of course!)

    Find out what Singapore's No. 1 largest HR outsourcing recruitment agency for the government sector can do for you today, that will meet your organisation's specific needs!​

    You need an all-rounded, easy employee management software

    You believe that many complex softwares ruin HR outcomes. Just keep one flexible one to manage your manpower. 

    WECARE™ was first created as a workforce management system to help us manage the thousands of contract employees on our payroll. 

    Before WECARE™, payroll processing was simply a painful chore. 

    Now, we want to help all HR professionals do the same with our technology. Time spent on unnecessary paperwork and calculation can now be better used elsewhere.  

    1. automated payroll calculation: automated computation of wages based on customised requirements

    2. time clock & attendance & leave tracking

    3. claims expense management

    4. invoice & report generation

    5. secure data protection: managed cyber security coverage on all hosting, security and infrastructure 

    Keep your mind off the hassle. Your previously mundane and tedious administrative workloads are in our good hands.

    Get in touch with us for WECARE™ HR solutions tailored for your organisation's specific needs!

    You need help with  Manpower Operations Management

    You're overwhelmed with managing a huge amount of manpower for a long/short term project.

    We don't just get you suitable candidates, we do our best to go beyond. 

    BGC runs the project for you and ensures that your operational KPIs are met. Your project's success is our responsibility, too. If you need help to oversee and manage your temporary manpower-heavy projects, you are in great hands with WECARE™. 

    Along with talent sourcing, our service operations project management solutions will cover:

    1. event scheduling & guaranteed manpower deployment

    2. service level and operations training

    3. workforce & process management

    4. performance management

    5. vendor management 

    Get in touch with us for a WECARE™ HR solution that is specifically tailored to meet your organisation's business needs.


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