• Sherlynn Lim

    Operations Manager
    Sherlynn Lim

    Sherlynn is the earliest addition to our new process improvement team, bringing with her perspectives from years of marketing, human resources, and operations. From learning hiring and compensation works at multinational corporations, she now manages process improvement projects with interesting names (think: Project Pokemon and Project Everest) in our Nerve team. “Huh?” you say? Well those are secret code that our functional managers use to depict big ideas for BGC’s growth.

    As part of a close-knitted team, Sherlynn has come a long way from ensuring smooth operations, completing projects, to mentoring her team mates to lead vital projects on their own. In fact, she thanks the strong learning and open culture in her team for making work enjoyable for the last 5 years.

    The keyword “efficiency” sets the tone of their work discussions. Naturally, if you’re going to go far as a team player of her team, expressiveness, logic, and detail-orientation is something she looks for, since your implemented ideas will actually make a difference to BGC.

    On the recruitment landscape in Singapore, the now mom of two believes that the sales battleground model is fallible and cannot be sustained. To her, companies who find lasting success in this line have recruiters who work well as a team, have the tenacity and empathy to help our jobseekers succeed.

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    Sherlynn Lim
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