Ling Jue Ping

Senior Marketing Specialist Ling Jue Ping

Jue Ping, our first marketing hire, began the team wondering if she would get a “proper” marketing boss who was not constantly away on business (or halfway across the globe on ski holidays). That worry dissipated fast because the independence and trust given to kick-start marketing initiatives with few precedents was something that she found very invigorating. When compared to past work at large corporations with heavily defined hierarchies, working at BGC came with a lot of freedom to make a direct impact to BGC’s strategies. Certainly, having learnt structure and working with large marketing budgets had come in useful.

Taking a strong interest to people and consumer behavior, being in the business of finding people jobs is something that Jue Ping finds meaningful. In fact, BGC’s “because we care” tagline was something that made our marketing person decide to come onboard. So that’s how our #ILIVETO and BGC Huddles series came about – to help job seekers make informed choices about their career paths and learn from the work experiences of peers.

Day to day, Jue Ping oversees content and spend on BGC’s website, email, and social media campaigns to engage and grow the candidate and client base. Other times, she’ll be thinking out loud with Clara to add to marketing’s idea pot or figuring out to ways to support our functional teams in Singapore (and overseas) to improve with marketing’s best practices. On the side, JP also maintains the green space in office with her collection of indoor (and outdoor) plants. She thinks this helps her team relax and allows for creativity to flow.

Be it future team mates or new interns added to Team Marketing – Jue Ping sees an innate curiosity to learn, to explore, and to openly communicate as important traits that she looks for. Since the duo is used to a style of non-micromanagement being in the department with the flattest hierarchy, she reckons that team mates with the most growth potential (professionally and personally) are flexible “thinkers as well as doers.”

So if you’ve got something interesting to add to this team, feel free to get in touch with your portfolio! (P.S. Her team is now open to content writers and research interns)

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Ling Jue Ping
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