• Danny Siah

    Senior Division Manager
    Danny Siah

    Danny began his journey with BGC as a recruitment consultant since graduating 8 years ago. With the exception of finance and marketing, he has dabbled in nearly every job function imaginable – from recruiting, to client management, and business analysis. His latest update? He’s now settled into managing the sales and operations team.

    Danny describes the recruitment landscape as that of a survivor’s game, “You are that much closer to winning the game, the longer you survive it.” With so many changes in his job responsibilities throughout the decade, one might wonder why he is still around. His eldest child responsibilities aside, he thoroughly enjoys the casualness (yay to dress down days!), close-knit culture and flat processes here at BGC.

    If you’re a smart, responsible person with a “never-say-die” attitude, Danny would love to have you on his team. Don’t expect constant hand-holding though, he expects those under him to take ownership for their learning curve by asking questions and contributing meaningfully to your purpose at BGC.

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    Danny Siah
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