• Clara Tan

    Senior Marketing Specialist Clara Tan

    Clara’s history prior to BGC would make a good case study for aspiring career switchers who feel “trapped” in careers they think are predetermined by their education track. She’s spent a couple of years as a Veterinary Assistant after graduating from her diploma in biotechnology. From enjoying her time with handling animals and pet owners, her plunge into marketing was unprecedented when she was introduced to the events industry by a friend.

    After a few years of marketing and organising marathons at ungodly hours, Clara moved on to BGC as a Digital Marketing Executive where she now works in a duo (with JP) to do fun stuff such as create content for story-telling. Clara’s dog, Miko (who guest starred many times in our videos) is employed as BGC’s favourite employee of all time. On top of editing videos for our #ILIVETO and BGC Huddles series, she also works closely with cross departments to ensure visibility for the BGC brand and some hundreds of our jobs.

    Led by an overzealous and very open-minded CEO who’s ever bursting with energy, Clara enjoys the constant creative flow of ideas and opportunities for growth within the team. Most days, Clara can often be heard brainstorming new ideas and debating processes with Jue Ping (without offense) – something that she feels, creates a great synergy in marketing. She describes herself personality as that of a fireball – she can be warm and friendly but her non-cushioned responses can sometimes burn those who are not used to this.

    When Clara’s not quoting Chinese idioms at random, she’s catching up on the latest trends to add to marketing’s idea pot. Drawing inspiration from Sun Tzu's quote, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles”, Clara would have future members of the BGC team know that regardless of what industry they come from, knowing your audiences and understanding your own abilities and weaknesses will help you naturally develop the right strategies that win you the "battle".

    But job seekers, please do not contact her (or the marketing team) for job opportunities with our BGC clients – she strongly believes that contact forms exist for a purpose to reach out to the right person.

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    Clara Tan
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