• Elaine Ong

    Back Office Manager

    Elaine has been in the recruitment industry for a really long time – over 10 years! That’s a decade of dealing with demanding clients and building relationships. She now leads our candidate HR and payroll team which cares for the affairs of all our external employees.

    To date, she’s happy to say that her team of highly dedicated HRs have had always paid out salaries on time (that’s our BGC promise to you). Needless to say, Elaine’s proud of her team of fun-loving, positive, and knowledgeable peers (or perhaps, friends) who go the extra mile to address the different challenges faced each day.

    When Elaine isn’t dealing out a dictionary of payroll advice to her team or implementing projects to help with Chin Lam’s continuous improvement goals – she will be out sightseeing the world or spending good time with friends and family.

    Does a career in HR, compensation and benefits sound like something you’d love? Elaine’s the right person to reach out to! It’s a fast-paced environment which requires constant learning so future team members should be ready to break out of their comfort zone with her “don’t look back, move on” motto!

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    Elaine Ong
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