• 5 Podcasts That Will Get You in The Zone at Work

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    Best Podcasts for Productivity at Work

    The daily grind is always a struggle with focus, productivity, and motivation. It requires our constant attention to ensure that the optimal conditions are met to maintain performance at work.

    Contrary to popular belief, we are machines, and we need fuel. However, the type of fuel is what varies between everyone. While some might depend on coffee to stay energized throughout the day, others may turn to music to keep them focused.

    On the other hand, there are days where coffee just doesn’t do the trick and music becomes a distraction. This article presents one of the best alternatives, and not just one, but FIVE podcasts that will get you in the zone at work!

    1. The School of Greatness

    • Featured Interviews with Innovative Figures
      The School of Greatness hosted by Lewis Howes, offers a variety of content, but mainly features interviews with innovative figures in business, entertainment, sports, science, health, and literature.

    • Content That Caters to Everyone
      If business-related content is not what you need at work, fret not as a good amount of his podcasts also shares advice on health, lifestyle, and mindset. So, there is a good mix of topics to shuffle through.

    • Tips to Help You Through Issues at Work
      On tough days when you’re feeling overwhelmed at work, it can make a world of difference being fed tips on how to stay positive or overcome criticism. 

    2. WorkLife with Adam Grant

    • Your Personal Organizational Psychologist
      WorkLife hosted by Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist, gives you a look into the inner workings of world-renowned professionals and understanding the science behind their promising work lives.

    • Turning Adversity into Advantage
      Challenges at work are bountiful and they can get in the way of getting the job done. In WorkLife, Adam Grant shares lessons ranging from learning how to love competition to harnessing the power of frustration.

    • Generating Your Own Fuel
      WorkLife advocates dissatisfaction as the root of frustration and that being dissatisfied creates motivation. This newfound source of motivation causes you to strive for more favorable circumstances.

    3. The MindValley Podcast

    • Learning Success from The Succeeded
      The podcast serves as a platform for listeners to learn from iconic characters, celebrities, to entrepreneurs. It provides valuable insight into their takes on career and their personal experiences throughout their journey.

    • Enhancing Performance at Work
      Their selection of podcast episodes covers an array of topics that address how adjusting your mindset, teaching yourself productive work and lifestyle habits can impact your performance at work.

    • How to Hold Attention and Stay Focused
      In one of the episodes, Nir Eyal who previously taught at Stanford, speaks about his personal experience with distraction. He shares the 2 types of internal distraction triggers and the 10-minute rule that helped.

    4. Beyond the To-Do List

    • Being Productive with Productivity Experts
      Hosted by Erik Fisher, Beyond the To-Do List is a podcast with the aim of exploring productivity and all its facets. In each episode, he interviews productivity experts about the practices and productivity strategies that they use in their personal and professional lives.

    • Balancing Personal and Professional Responsibilities
      There is no doubt that every working adult struggles to maintain a balance between their obligations at home and at work. Prioritizing what needs to be done, the urgency, and the consequences are the takeaways from this podcast.

    • Are You Self-Sabotaging by Overthinking?
      In an Interview between Erik and Jon Acuff, a New York Times bestselling author, they refer to the thoughts that contribute to overthinking as a playlist. They expand on how changing your playlist can transform overthinking into positive outcomes instead.

    5. The 5 AM Miracle

    • Starting the Day with Intention
      This last one may be helpful for those who can’t tune in to a podcast during work. The 5 AM Miracle aims to help listeners begin their day with enthusiasm and adopt habits to pursue your goals.

    • Improvements In and Out of Work
      The habits of your personal and professional life are intertwined. The episodes in this podcast show how fixing your diet, exercise, and sleeping habits can boost your productivity at work.

    • How to Excel Working from Home
      A particular episode of this podcast even teaches you how you can optimize your working conditions at home by creating a checklist and using different techniques to keep up with being productive.

    Final Takeaway

    As the article has shown, podcasts are not only a means for getting through the workday. It can also serve as a guide to direct your intentions toward making your work meaningful and fulfilling.

    Podcasts are essentially a two-in-one package that provides you with both knowledge and background noise altogether. Not only that, you’re also able to apply what you’ve learnt in real-time as you work.

    In the end, the only way to test its effectiveness is to try it out yourselves!

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