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    Looking to switch careers as 2022 passes by? If you’re finding it hard to decide on a new career. Or if you’re just curious to find out what some of the hottest jobs in 2022, post-pandemic are.

    We’ve got the answers for you! As a trusted recruitment agency in Singapore, we present a list of trending jobs compiled from Google for you! Here are 5 trending jobs, according to Google! 

    A. Changi Airport jobs

    Changi Airport offers a whopping 6,600 jobs for job seekers. As mentioned above, with relaxed travel restrictions, the world famous airport is accelerating hiring over many different roles. According to the Changi Airport website, the jobs available are for both professional, manager, executive and technician (PMET) roles and non-PMET roles. Hiring is also focused on attracting talent for much-needed frontline passenger service positions and newly created roles in innovation and technology.

    Why this Industry

    The aviation sector is gradually recovering after the pandemic, as travel from Changi Airport has been increasing steadily since late 2021. Changi Journeys revealed recently that monthly passenger numbers had crossed one million for the first time in two years. At this growth rate, Changi is expected to recover more than half of its pre-Covid passenger volume in 2022. This growth in flights and passengers means that more airport staff are now needed to support airport operations.

    Average Salary


    Average Salary

    Passenger service agent

    S$2,000 per month according to Jobstreet

    Pre-flight screening officer

    S$2,200 per month according to Jobstreet

    Airport retail associate

    S$2,200 per month according to Jobstreet

    Operations executive (logistics)

    S$3,100 per month according to Jobstreet

    B. Deliver Services

    Delivery services could refer to both food and package door-to-door delivery services, where it is increasingly easy to sign up for a job like this. People interested in working as delivery food riders can download delivery apps like Grabfood or Ninjavan, and apply to be a delivery partner from the comfort of their own homes. It offers flexible working hours and decent delivery fees. However, you may need a driver’s license and insurance to work as a driver. It is also important to note the pay structure and amount of commission required for different delivery service companies.

    Why this Industry

    The courier service sector has grown rapidly due to the pandemic. During these times, people spent long hours at home and avoided dining outside, or going out in general. More people started using food delivery apps than ever before, and it has become a new way of life even after life resumes to normal. According to an article by QSR, Singaporeans spent an average of S$105.25 a month on food delivery services in 2020, a 56% increase compared to 2019 (S$67.54), with projections to increase through 2025 in Statista.

    Average Salary​


    Average Salary

    Food delivery rider

    S$15 per hour according to Glassdoor

    Package delivery rider

    S$13 per hour according to

    C. Software Developer

    Software developers are relatively more specialised to those above. They are mainly responsible for designing, developing, and the testing of software and applications for computers. Industries that hire software developers include retail, research & development, media, and healthcare. 

    Why this Industry

    The technology service sector has rapidly developed over the past 5 years, driven by both public and private sector support. The deep tech scene is seeing a boom amid burgeoning investment and interest in advanced technologies as Singapore carves a path towards the future economy.

    To attract more talent, companies are consistently improving their terms. The flexible hours and hybrid working mode that many new software developer jobs offer is also a large bonus for people working in technology. This means they are able to code and work in their own time independently.

    Average Salary

    S$5,000 per month according to Glassdoor.

    D. Digital Media Marketing

    Digital media marketing specialists are mostly responsible for creating and designing appealing content for companies to post on their website or social media platforms. These content include written content such as blog articles, designing digital graphics, and creating promotional videos. This helps attract new customers and engage current customers on the various platforms, ultimately helping the company stay relevant.

    Why this Industry

    There is an increased reliance on technology for targeted customer groups, thus increasing demand for digital marketing. As of January 2021, Singapore has roughly 4.96 million social media users, which accounts for about 84.4% of the country’s total population. Singaporeans also spend an average of 2 hours and 17 minutes every day on social media platforms.

    This reliance on social media indicates that companies need to up their game in terms of digital marketing. Companies are already aware of this, where up to 78% of companies surveyed either have a digital marketing team or hire marketers to help them with their digital campaigns.

    Similarly, many new digital media marketing jobs now offer flexible working hours and a hybrid working mode, making it an attractive option for people in the industry.

    Average Salary

    S$3,500 per month according to Indeed.

    E. Personal Assistant

    Personal assistants typically can work in any industry, where they provide administrative support to a higher-level executive or CEO. They are responsible for organising files, scheduling meetings, sending emails and taking messages for their superiors. Many personal assistants also have to take notes during meetings, or run errands in general. 

    Why this Industry

    The secretarial field is long-lasting and is always looking for new joiners. Industries like legal, accounting, finance, and even technology use the most personal assistants to handle the large amount of documents and papers they have to process.

    The tasks they perform are mainly administrative, and are less specialised in skill, which means that a personal assistant can jump between different industries with less restrictions, thus making this job even more flexible and attractive.

    Average Salary

    S$3,000 per month according to Indeed.

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