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    Top Courses to Upskill With Skillsfuture

    Even after tertiary education, it is always important to seek ways to upskill yourself in this competitive workplace. No matter what industry you are in, this is one of the most important ways to stay relevant and in-demand.

    It also allows recruiters and hiring managers to keep an eye out for niche skills that are growing in demand. Good news is, Singapore offers a wide series of professional courses for people in many job fields. There’s sure to be something suitable for everyone!

    As a recruitment agency in Singapore, we’re always researching some of the best courses for working professionals. This article will share some of the best in-demand professional courses for job seekers. Let’s get started!

    Reasons to Upskill Singapore

    Courses for HR Professionals to Upskill With

    Skillsfuture Courses for HR Professionals

    A. Finance for HR Professionals

    Institution: HR Singapore 
    Duration: 1 day (9 pm - 5:30 pm)
    Cost: S$650 (GST included)

    Skills: Key financial terms and statements, ratio analysis, breakeven analysis, application of financial knowledge.

    Recommended for: HR executives, HR managers, and HR Directors who wish to learn how to use financial data to make decisions, allocate resources, and budget expenses.

    This course is designed for participants to develop financial sense. They can learn how to use information in financial statements to evaluate the performance of the company.

    Participants will be guided to focus on measures to evaluate the health of a business and see how the financial markets value their company. This is important because HR management-level executives need to be accountable and responsible for its budget, HR programmes and processes.

    B. Talent Acquisition Management

    Institution: NTUC LearningHub
    Duration: Approx. 22 hours 
    Cost: For Singapore citizens under age 40 - S$484 (GST included)

    Skills: Talent acquisition strategies, employment branding, recruiting, sourcing and targeting, onboarding, succession planning.

    Recommended for: All levels of HR professionals especially those who are in a position of influence and partnership with business leaders. Professionals who are planning a career switch to HR would find this useful in providing the necessary knowledge.

    One foundational skill in HR is talent acquisition. This is an integrated talent management program encompassing the activities involved in building and maintaining a workforce. In addition to that, participants can also learn to identify high-potential employees and prepare them for advancement into positions which are key to the success of the organisation.

    This course outlines a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to designing, implementing, and maintaining an integrated talent management program.

    C. HR Management (Specialist Diploma)

    Institution: Nanyang Polytechnic
    Duration: 270 hours and comprises two Post-Diploma Certificates. 12 months part-time, 2 evenings weekly (7 pm - 10 pm)
    Cost: For Singapore citizens under age 40 - S$975 (GST included)

    Skills: Strategic international HRM, organisational and change management, employment law, performance management, employee relations management.

    Recommended for: HR professionals who would like to enhance their employability, capabilities and market value. Working professionals who would like to consider a future HR career progression or option.

    Human Resource Management is an essential function that focuses on the recruitment, development and remuneration of talent in an organisation. HR professionals will increasingly be expected to become enablers of human capital development in support of business goals. As companies move towards a manpower-lean model, HR will have to find ways to develop employees to their fullest potential.

    The Specialist Diploma in Human Resource Management offers a deepening of HR knowledge and skills to working professionals. Modules taught in this programme will enable participants to play the role of a strategic partner, crucial in contributing to the success of the organisation in today’s business environment.

    Courses for Tech Professionals to Upskill with

    Skillsfuture Courses for Tech Professionals

    A. Python Programming

    Institution: Singapore Management University
    Duration: 6 modules (online learning)
    Cost: For Singapore citizens under age 40 - S$3,081 (GST included)

    Skills: Fundamental concepts in programming, use of functions and data structures in Python, basic data wrangling in Python, applied data analysis using Python

    Recommended for: Aspiring data science professionals seeking to apply Python to real-world data problems. Professionals looking for a deeper understanding and hands-on experience with professional educators who are also industry experts

    Python is a first-class programming language for modern web and mobile development. It is used by companies like Instagram, Spotify, Amazon and more. Python is also ideal for data analysis as the majority of libraries involved in machine learning and data science have Python interfaces. In this course, participants can explore one of the most versatile programming languages and learn how Python can optimize their digital solution development cycle and workflow.

    B. Artificial Intelligence

    Institution: Nanyang Polytechnic
    Duration: 8 months part-time and comprises two Post-Diploma Certificates, 3 evenings weekly (6:30 pm - 9:30 pm)
    Cost: For Singapore citizens under age 40 - S$1,112 (GST included)

    Skills: Knowledge about artificial intelligence, data science foundation, essentials of machine learning, machine learning algorithms.

    Recommended for: Graduates with a strong foundation in AI concepts and practical skills in architecting and developing end-to-end AI solutions.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a transformational effect on our digital economy. It greatly influences the way we conduct businesses and make critical decisions. With advances in algorithms, computing power and the availability of massive data. AI capabilities will continue to enhance and create solutions for a wide range of problems and challenges. In Singapore, AI has been identified as one of the key technologies in the Singapore Industry Transformation Map.

    Through the course, students will gain hands-on experience in using industry standard tools and techniques and apply them to real-world problems.

    C. Cyber Security

    Institution: COMAT Training Centre
    Duration: 1 day (9 am - 6 pm)
    Cost: For Singapore citizens under age 40 - S$374 (GST included)

    Skills: Cyber security concepts, malware, access control, secure web use, incident management

    Recommended for: No prior knowledge of cyber security required. Eligible for anyone interested in knowledge of cyber security information.

    This course addresses the knowledge and skills that enable learners to administer and configure security programmes and mechanisms. Participants also learn the application of system patches to ensure that personal and/or enterprise assets are adequately protected against threats. This includes the authorisation and monitoring of access control permissions and rights to various IT facilities.

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