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    As a tech recruitment company in Singapore, we’re always trying to stay one step ahead of the game. This time, we turn our focus into 2022’s hot topic of the year, the metaverse. You may have heard that Facebook has changed its name to “Meta”. But this move is more than just a simple name change. Mark Zuckerberg has announced plans to build the metaverse, as well as Microsoft. And with that, an announcement that more than 10,000 new jobs will be created over the next five years.

    If you’re still wondering what the metaverse is, it’s a space that merges both the physical and digital world. Think of a virtual world that merges reality with the online world. In the metaverse, participants will be able to use avatars, to hang out with friends and even go to work! More interestingly, the metaverse will be an amalgamation of different “worlds”. For example, a user can switch from “Facebook world” to join “Apple world” seamlessly.

    Are you stoked about the arrival of the metaverse? We’ve listed five exciting new metaverse jobs to help you on your career path!

    1. Digital or Metaverse Marketer

    It’s not outlandish to think that marketing will be required in the metaverse. Since avatars will be used, it’s not hard to imagine different brands coming together to sell virtual clothes. Or even hold virtual events and concerts like they do on Fortnite and Animal Crossing! It might sound like a distant future. However, brands like Vans and Gucci have announced that the online metaverse is the best place to build brand awareness.

    With a number of label giants looking to make the move. It is likely that metaverse marketing will be the next big thing. Keep in mind that there could be a gap between the skills of a digital and metaverse marketer. 

    2. Digital or Metaverse Creatives 

    Earlier in 2022, the NBA introduced a metaverse coach. Yes, you’re right, the National Basket Association introduced a computer generated basketball coach. Whilst some websites might waive this idea as ridiculous — but we beg to differ. Imagine being coached by celebrity and historical figures such as Einstein and Shakespeare! Or buying real estate in the metaverse! The sky’s the limit, with the new internet!

    With a number of offerings to be created, the demand for digital and metaverse creatives is bound to skyrocket. Take a look at Meta’s LinkedIn for example. New roles such as Content Designer, Creative Strategist, and Microcopywriter to name a few. 

    3. Metaverse Architect 

    Remember Elliot Page from the film Inception? They didn’t just craft or create the landscape and architecture of the dream. They also imagined it. To put it simply, this role is much like the role of a videogame designer. In this role, a metaverse architect will have to come up with or visualize ideas and inventions that haven’t been invented yet. 

    Another difference between regular architecture and a metaverse architecture are the skills needed. Physics may not be required when it comes to being a metaverse architecture. Outlandish creativity is also a required skill. How different and functional can your landscape, buildings and creations be?

    Interested in learning more about being a metaverse architect? Visit this website for more information.

    4. NFT Designer 

    You may have heard of NFTs, but what about its importance in the metaverse? Whilst it can be hard for us to fully list the different ways NFTs will be important in the new virtual world. But we’ve compiled three different ways that NFTs can be used in the metaverse.

    They include: 

    • Virtual Marketplace: Brands may use the virtual marketplace as a place to trade, buy and sell NFTs. We assume that sellers in the virtual marketplace will provide potential buyers with previews of the digital assets. One brand that’s already jumping onto the trendy NFT bandwagon is Nike.

    • Art Galleries: It is not far-fetched to imagine that art galleries will have a place in the metaverse. In this case, NFT art pieces (think: Picasso and Van Gogh) can be featured in the new internet.

    • Real Estate: For some reason, real estate in the metaverse seems to be a trending topic. Keep in mind that real estate in the metaverse refer to digital lands and territories being sold. In this case, users may need NFTs in the form of houses and even home decor. 

    For those of you who are confused about the whole NFT craze. Let this tech recruitment agency enlighten you. NFT, A.K.A Non-fungible tokens are digital assets (e.g. images, graphics etc) that represent real-world items such as artworks, music and more.

    What sets NFTs apart from other graphics and images found online is that an NFT uses the same blockchain technology that powers cryptocurrency. This gives the digital assets some value. More information on NFT (non-fungible tokens) available here.

    5. Metaverse Cybersecurity Specialist 

    Cybersecurity will be crucial in the new metaverse. However, since the metaverse has yet to come to life, it is hard to draw a line on its cybersecurity importance. Strict endpoint cybersecurity will have to be implemented. As such, there will need to be better versions of tools such as VPNs, proxies, as well as antimalware software.  

    Education will also need to be implemented as there could be a rise in social engineering and phishing attacks. It’s always important to realize that cybersecurity is more than just tools. There needs to be a holistic approach comprising tools and education. Guess we’ll have to wait and see the different offerings that a metaverse cybersecurity specialist can provide us with. 

    More information on Metaverse Cybersecurity Specialist available here

    Relevant Metaverse Tech Jobs Today 

    Whilst the metaverse is not ready yet. BGC Group offers some tech jobs in Singapore that can be relevant. Software Developers is a role that’s important in today’s day and age as well as the future. 

    On the hunt for a tech job? Check out the BGC Group job board for more information. Alternatively, feel free to browse more articles in the BGC Group blog.  

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