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    In Singapore, landing a job within the government industry often means a job along with competitive salaries and benefits. On top of that, there is the added stability of a 9 to 5 job once you start working full time for the government sector.  There is a reason why they call jobs within this sector, the ‘iron rice bowl’. But how does one land a job in the competitive government sector? Well, as a trusted recruitment agency, we’ve got some insights for you below!  

    1. Find Out Your Eligibility 

    The first step is a no brainer. You may require different qualifications depending on the type of ministry you’re looking to join. In addition, some roles may require you to have an undergraduate degree instead of a diploma. An example of booming government jobs include:

    Cyber Security Consultant: Tech roles will always be in demand in Singapore. As the nation pushes forward for mass digitization, there is an increase in need for individuals within the cyber security industry. You may require an undergraduate’s degree in Computer Science or Information Systems. On top of that, additional qualifications such as security certificates may be useful to your role.

    You may want to check out these articles for more information on getting started as a cyber security consultant:

    Payroll Executive/Manager Roles: For those looking to get into HR, administrative or payroll related roles within the government sector. You may first require a human resource or business degree. On top of that, applicants will also require experience with various CMS or payroll and HR software.

    These articles may give you more information on getting started as a payroll manager: 

    Teacher (MOE): A postgraduate diploma and degree may be required for those interested in gaining a job with Singapore’s Ministry of Education. A prior degree and strong interest in any subject such as History, English, Math and other languages (e.g. Mandarin, Malay, Tamil) will also be required. Of course there are other non-teaching related positions that are also available within MOE.  These articles may be able to give you more information on getting started as a teacher with Singapore’s Ministry of Education: 

    • Teaching Careers (MOE)

    • Teaching in Singapore (Salary Comparison)

    • Hospital Nurses (MOH): As nursing is an in-demand career in Singapore. There are many different pathways to becoming a hospital nurse. According to the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) website the options are:

    • Enrolled Nurse: A NITEC in Nursing from an Institute of Technical Education (ITE).

    • Registered Nurse: Diploma in Nursing, an Accelerated Diploma in Nursing, and a Degree in Nursing from any reputable schools in Singapore is sufficient. Additionally, an overseas Degree in Nursing can also lead a candidate to a career as a registered nurse. There are options that allow candidates to study for a Bachelor of Nursing in an overseas institute without leaving Singapore.

    If you are interested in pursuing a career in nursing. You may want to check out these websites listed below for more information:

    2. Apply and Ace the Interview! 

    Once you’ve sussed out and determined your eligibility. It is time to apply for the job. Despite sounding like a seemingly simple step, many amongst us fumble when we’re trying to apply for a job. 

    The key to succeeding at the application stage is finding the right job to start with. There are plenty of opportunities to get hired within Singapore’s government sector. So much so that prior experience is not always required. Internships and traineeships are other ways to get hired within the government sector.

    Some common internships and traineeships for the government sector can be found on:

    Finally, it’s time for you to ace the interview. This can be a tough challenge for some but preparing can help anyone ace the interview. If you’re on the lookout for some job interview tips. Why not check out some of these articles? 

    3. Looking for Help? 

    If you’re on the lookout for a good government job in Singapore as well as some tips to help you ace the interview. Drop your resume with us here at BGC Singapore. Our recruiters are always on the lookout to help you find your ideal job! 

    For more information and details on landing a government job in Singapore. Check out the BGC Group blog!

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