• How to Stay Competitive in Singapore IT and Tech Recruiting

    by Deana Zafir

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    ​As the war for tech talent in Singapore continues, incoming multinationals are aggressively poaching employees from competitors. With pay packages becoming an all too important consideration for tech employees, many companies are losing out to MNCs coming in with big budgets. As a tech recruitment agency in Singapore, we believe that there’s a myriad of different ways for you to recruit tech talent despite the heavy competition. We outline some of them below. 

    How to Stay Competitive in Tech Recruiting in Singapore


    To stay competitive in Singapore’s tech recruitment scene, you have to move away from the norm. You can’t rely on traditional methods such as posting jobs on your company website and waiting for the right candidates to apply. As much as growing your web and social media presence is a given, outsmarting the competition requires more than just these.

    Here are five strategies you can start implementing today to make sure you’re steps ahead of the competition in Singapore’s tech talent war.

    1. Establish Yourself in the Local Tech Scene