• 8 Reasons Why Tech Candidates Decline Your Job Offer

    by BGC HR

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    Reasons why tech candidates reject job offers in singapore

    Hiring tech staff can be a frustrating and challenging process for government, private companies and startups in Singapore. This is because a new hire is not just a potential addition to your team. A new employee will positively impact your ability to meet your set goals, both short-term and long-term.

    As a tech recruitment company, we are aware of the problems that come with hiring tech talent. Let us assume you have come to the end of a lengthy recruitment process and found your ideal candidate. They seem to be a perfect fit for your team, so you offer them a position at your tech company, and they decline it. You’re probably wondering where you went wrong.

    Times have changed. Employees no longer have the upper hand in the hiring process, at least not compared to previous decades. As much as unemployment rates are through the roof, workers now know they deserve more and actively reject job offers. The onus is now on companies and corporations to figure out why candidates are declining job offers and continue the search. Below is a list of potential reasons why tech candidates decline job offers in Singapore.

    1. Bad recruitment experience