• 6 Foolproof Ways to Find Tough to Hire Candidates in Singapore

    by BGC HR

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    ​For many years, Singapore has been one of the world’s foremost financial hubs. In the wake of the global pandemic, the country has seen impressive recovery in its financial sector, with financial institutions expected to create about 6500 new hiring opportunities in 2021. As a recruitment agency in Singapore, we have the insights and knowledge required to hire candidates in challenging industries.

    Singapore is also now becoming a continental and global tech hub, with major companies from countries like China and the U.S. setting up shop here. However, many of these new job opportunities come with highly specific requirements and skill sets, making these positions hard to fill. In a nation of just about 6 million people, recruiters now find themselves faced with a new challenge: what are the ways to find tough to hire candidates?

    As most of these positions did not exist ten years ago, traditional methods of finding candidates may be insufficient. By combining traditional recruitment methods such as job advertisements with modern strategies like social media networking, recruitment agencies in Singapore may have a better chance at finding tough to hire candidates.

    1. Use social media to get a wider reach