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    It is November, and you know what is just around the corner! Christmas, and gift-giving, Secret Santa, presents, and celebrations. It might be the happiest month of the year, and it can also be the more worrisome month of the year because you don’t know what to get for your colleague for Secret Santa! Gift-giving should be a stress-free task, it should be fun! So don’t you worry, as BGC Group has got you covered with this list of quirky office gifts that you can get for your Secret Santa partner. We have sorted the list out according to Myers-Briggs Personality Types, so you don’t have to worry that the gift may not be suitable for your introverted colleague.

    1. Foodie Dice

    Do you know that colleague that can’t seem to be able to make up their mind when it comes to lunchtime or that colleague that struggles to decide on what to cook for dinner for the day? This gift is great for them, they can just roll the dice and voila, the answer to the question of “what’s for lunch” is presented to them. You wouldn’t have to deal with the “I-don’t-knows” again!

    Who is this for:

    • ENFPs who tend to change their mind rather quickly and easily with some things because when they are experiencing something new, they tend to consider all options before settling into a decision.

    • ESFJs who tend to be a bit indecisive about some things, and would most likely consider different options before coming to a conclusion

    • ESTPs who tend to change their mind easily because they live from moment to moment, they don’t get hung up on the future so they don’t really plan for their meals, this dice would be great for them because they can let the dice make the choices for them

    2. Mini Wacky Inflatable Tube Guy

    This mini wacky inflatable tube guy is definitely a need to get for that colleague who loves mini moments of laughter and joy in a hectic day. The mini-inflatable tube guy, whom I named Bob, can be used on happy days where you want to celebrate the success of a project, or on sad days where things are tough. Bob is your go-to desk companion as he is so versatile for any occasion. He uses a battery to power up the waving and can be taken out at any time you find him annoying.

    Who is this for:

    • This gift is wonderful for the majority of the personality types, though it might not be the gift for personality types who are known to be hardworking at work, such as ESTJ and ENTJ, because they would prefer to focus on the task at hand and to not be distracted.

    3. Take-away boxes

    Even though dining in is allowed, it is still advisable to take away your food and eat somewhere away from the crowd for your own safety. Bykurahome sells an assortment of reusable take away boxes that are aesthetic, safe to use, and affordable for the quality of their products. This is suitable for that colleague that prefers to eat in the office while they work (not advisable oh, it is not good for your tummy). You can also get the “pantry storage kit” for everyone to store their fruits in a safer manner too!

    Who is this for:

    • There are times that your introverted colleague would prefer to dine alone and recharge their social battery. So why not do that in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way?

    4. Cat Products

    Do you have that colleague that won’t stop talking about their cat, or the cat that they saw around the neighbourhood? Well, this gift, or rather this store, is puuuur-fect for them because there are so many cat products that you can choose from for them! From phone stands, to wireless charging pads, to A5 notepads, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes down to it! You can also purchase products for their cats too!

    Who is this for:

    • ISTJs love organising their to-do list. Checking them off gives them a sense of contentment, it allows them to know that they are making forward progress and they like it. In addition to their love for cats, these will be a wonderful gift for them.

    • ESTJs find that cute products calm them down and gives them a sense of satisfaction when they focus on the small details in life that are meaningful to them. It is a benefit if they appreciate cats, will definitely give them serotonins.

    5. Baby Groot Planter Pot

    Plants, flowers, succulents, these are the common items that are crowding your colleague’s desk, and you want to get them something that would stand out and make their day brighter. Well, why not get a Baby Groot Planter Pot? You don’t have to be a Marvel fan to appreciate the adorableness of Baby Groot. Plus, there is an irony, Baby Groot, who is a tree-like being, is growing a plant in his head, what’s not to like!

    Who is this for:

    • ISTJs love organising their to-do list. Checking them off gives them a sense of contentment, it allows them to know that they are making forward progress and they like it. In addition to their love for cats, these will be a wonderful gift for them.

    • ESTJs find that cute products calm them down and gives them a sense of satisfaction when they focus on the small details in life that are meaningful to them. It is a benefit if they appreciate cats, will definitely give them serotonins.

    6. Local-flavoured lifestyle products

    Uniquely Singaporean, is what you will describe this colleague, he/she really likes the old-school products, and quintessential and imperfect day-to-day events, the local-flavoured lifestyle products would definitely be the gift for them.

    Who is this for:

    • INFJ – known to have a sentimental streak, INFJs enjoy reminiscing over happy memories, having products that remind them of their childhood is bound to bring back some happy memories

    • ISFJ – known to often be ruled by emotions, ISFJ are deeply connected to emotions, products that exude nostalgia is bound to bring a smile on their face

    • ESFJ – known to be sentimental, the smallest of things may cause them to be struck by nostalgia and/or waves of emotions. They also enjoy things that make them feel connected

    7. Unique and quirky products

    You know that colleague, whom you are close with, and is constantly sharing with you on social media about those wacky, quirky products? Also, says that he/she would love to own one of them someday for the “lols”? Well, Christmas, or any gift-giving holiday, is a great opportunity for you to get just that for your colleague! These things are in no way necessities in the majority of our lives, it might just end up as a burden or an additional unnecessary thing on their office desk, but heck, it will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face whenever they see them.

    Items from TotallyHotStuff is the go-to place to get such items, such as:

    • Ambitious Think Big – XXXL Pencil/Ambitious Highlighters: why do we need them? No reason, just for fun!

    • Useful On-Off Lamp: sometimes, we just need that on-off lamp for some unknown reason, and now, we have it!

    • Original Singlish Office Buddy: suitable for those days that you don’t feel like talking, let this product do the talking for you.

    Who is this for:

    • ENFP – they believe that self-expression is very important because they dislike being restrained in any way, by anyone or anything. They would want to be able to express themselves and be comfortable in their own skin, even if it means expressing themselves through quirky products.

    • ENFJ – they enjoy being able to wear the clothing that best shouts them, and they enjoy finding little ways to express their inner selves to the people around them, even if it is through interesting product choices.

    • ENTJ – they enjoy a small amount of self-expression, but they do not appreciate shoving their interests and desires into other people’s faces. With the wide array of products available on TotallyHotStuff, it is bound to find products that achieve that.

    8. Planners and Organisers

    This next gift is a fit for that colleague that likes to keep things organised, scheduled, planned, in order. They prefer that everything falls in nicely and that nothing is jutting out of the way, or misplaced. You would call them neat, organised, or even minimalist because everything on their desk looks like they belong. Even their schedule is neat.

    This gift can also be for that colleague, who is on the other side of the spectrum. Nothing seems to be organised or scheduled in their space, things seem to be out of place. They are perpetually seen rushing from place to place because they have forgotten this and that.

    This is why a planner or organiser is a perfect gift for the two ends of the spectrum, as they can get things in order and satisfy their needs.

    Who is this for:

    • INFJ, ENFJ, ISTJ, ISFJ – (the organised end of the spectrum) known to be organised and neat, these personality types might have their organised messy days but for the majority of the time, they have things under control and neat because they prefer it that way.

    • ESFJ – they prefer to keep things in their life as organised as possible, but they might struggle with that sometimes. They might also have a tendency to take on too many tasks but might fall behind on them. Having a planner would help them set their mind on the important things at hand better.

      ESTP, ISFP – (the other end of the spectrum) known to be the chaotic type, they are rarely organised people, their minds are always running through all sorts of different thoughts, they know how to organise but would prefer to be organised for the things that matter to them.

    9. Plants and/or terrariums

    For the green finger in the company, their desk might be crowded with succulents and air plants that are friendly for an enclosed environment. You often feel more refreshed whenever you walk past their desk. They might not need an addition to their plant family, but there is no harm in having more! With this DIY kit, they can get down and dirty and build their own terrarium. Of course, the option of getting a pre-made terrarium is always available, it would be more fun to take time off after work, relax and build one from scratch!

    Who is this for:

    • ISFJ, ISTJ – known to prefer precise, careful, detailed work that produces something exquisite, this gift of building a plant would be something very meaningful to them

    • ISTP – they enjoy creating things with their hands, being immersed in the environment, plants or terrariums would be one of the perfect gifts for them

    10. Decision Paperweights

    Have your colleagues ever came up to you and complained that they don’t know what to do with this paperwork, whether to set it aside for now or to do it tomorrow or the day after… and the complaint goes on and on but no answer was ever derived? Well, fret no more, for these decision paperweights not only make sure that your paperwork stays on the desk where you put them, and it also helps you to organise your work. With 8 different answers to your questions on different occasions, this decision paperweight is a great helper at work!

    Who is this for:

    • INFP – they want to be able to make the right decisions, but they end up struggling with indecision because they tend to overanalyse their choices.

    • INTJ – they want to be absolutely sure of their decision before executing it, which might take up a lot of time, with the help of the decision paperweight, the time taken to make a decision can be shortened.

    • ESFP – when it comes to the little things in life, they can be quite indecisive, they want to be able to change their mind at the last minute, but with the help of the paperweights a swift decision can be made (and change, if needed)

    Wrapping it up!

    Gift-giving should not be complicated, it can be rather easy when you know what they like, or what is their personality type. As an HR recruitment agency, we believe that job-seeking should not be complicated too! In this festive season, you can check out our services, and who knows, you might be able to find yourself a good present too (a new job perhaps)!

    Like what you read? Comment down below to share with us what would you be getting for your colleagues this festive season! Here at BGC Group, we wish you happy holidays, stay safe and healthy!

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