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    Youtube Channels To Follow If You Are A Tech Nerd

    There is a lot to be learned from the internet. As an IT outsourcing agency in Singapore, we’ve written about the different courses both paid and free. Similarly, there are a lot of different channels and videos available on YouTube. 


    Today we will be focusing on the various IT channels that you could follow to find out more about the different programming languages, crash courses on how these programming languages work, or even the future of technologies that would benefit you. For your benefit, we have come up with a list of YouTube channels for you to follow if you just started your  IT journey or just someone who needs a quick refresher on the things that confuses you.


    Without future ado, say <hello> to the list of YouTube channels that you can follow to learn more about IT!

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    1) Computerphile


    Computerphile is a channel that focuses on everything related to computers. They cover a wide array of computer-related topics, such as the processing power of computers, how DNS works, and how VPN & remote working work. 

    They channels feature a variety of hosts, exposing the viewers to different perspectives and fields of expertise. With their extensive list of topics and long history from when they started, you are bound to find something that interests you or be able to help you understand things better. They make their videos easy to understand and digest. Hence, their videos are beginner-friendly, and they also serve as a good revision for people who need them!

    Check out Computerphile on YouTube.

    2) Techquickie


    We find the name Techquickie apt for this channel. If you’re still wondering, basically this channel covers all sorts of  technology topics in short, easy to understand videos. They explain topics with a good mixture of humour, cynicism, and insight. Their videos cater to both the beginners and advanced. It is also useful for people who are just curious about everything related to technology. 

    Check out Techquickie on YouTube.

    3) This Week in Tech (TWiT) Tech Podcast Network

    this week in tech.png

    This Week in Tech is a channel aiming to provide news, commentary, how-tos, reviews, and perspectives on the latest trends in the technology sector. 

    We find that their videos explain the latest technology in simple terms that even beginners can understand and grasp the concepts discussed rather quickly. The channel also talks about how big technology CEOs manage to get to where they are, and what qualities that they have to make them a good leader. If you are interested in the latest news and the different perspectives in the technology sector, this is definitely the channel for you.

    Check out This Week in Tech on YouTube.

    4) TechZone


    TechZone is a channel that not only covers the latest technology in software. But also covers technologies that are practical to our everyday lives and possibly in the future. They frequently feature inventions that could inspire you to bring your company to great, new heights. If you ever wished that you were living like Iron Man, this could be the channel for you. 

    Check out Tech Zone on YouTube.

    5) Google Tech Talks

    google techtalks.png

    Google TechTalks is one of the popular programs at Google that shares valuable information with the technical community. In this channel, they provide all-rounded presentations on a wide array of topics that range from well-established to wildly speculative. If you are someone working in the tech industry or have a strong interest in finding out more about technology and its latest trend, this is the channel to bookmark.


    Check out Google TechTalks on YouTube.


    6)Tech Insider

    tech insider.png

    Tech Insider is a channel dedicated to covering everything from topics such as,  “How to use Canva”, to “How to update drivers for Windows 10”. These videos are user-friendly, informational, and educational to people who just started out on their technology-learning journey. The videos are also short and easily digestible, and they can be easily applied to our everyday lives, making this channel interesting and different compared to the other channels on this list. 

    Check out Tech Insider on YouTube.

    7) Programming Knowledge


    ProgrammingKnowledge is a channel that focuses on just about anything related to  programming languages. The channel sports a comprehensive playlist of C programming tutorials which is a great guide for anyone who is starting on their programming journey. It serves as good resources for both beginners and professionals who just need a revision on their work.


    Check out ProgrammingKnowledge on YouTube. 




    LearnCode Academy is a channel that covers a wide array of tutorials relating to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, and many more programming languages that are used in web development and design. This channel serves as  a great guide for those who plan to start your web developer career but are clueless on where to begint. Along the way, you will be able to learn helpful tips and tricks about web development and the necessary steps to progressing on your journey.

    Check out LearnCode Academy on YouTube

    9) DevTips


    DevTips is a great channel for people who would like to improve on their web development skills or generally learn more about web development. With interactive and relatable content, DevTips provides simple guides. Such as creating an Among Us character using only HTML and CSS. This channel also has motivational videos to keep you going when you hit a rough patch while working, along with interviews with other YouTubers who also specialise in coding. Fun stuff! 

    Check out DevTips on YouTube


    As an IT outsourcing agency, we understand that programming is no easy feat. Hopefully, these channels can help you with your programming journey. Knowledge and skills are vital when it comes to finding a job or progressing in your career. More tech related articles can be found on the BGC Group blog


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