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    ​Written By: Xin Wei

    We've discussed the many different reasons why YouTube is such a magical place. Not only is YouTube a streaming platform for education. It is also a place where many come to share educational videos of different genres. As a recruitment agency in Singapore, we've published YouTube guides for job seekers in the Finance and Tech field. This time, we'll be focusing on the Healthcare field. Keep in mind that this article will be featuring channels covering a variety of topics ranging from human anatomy to complicated medical information to patient care. Let’s get to the list, stat!

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    1) Armand Hasudungan

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    Aramando Hasudungan is a channel dedicated to simplifying and explaining medical terminologies and conditions. We find these videos to be short but detailed. Most of the videos on this channel are accompanied by well-drawn animation as well as in-depth medical terminologies. Great for medical students as the channel makes concepts that are tough to understand and different medical conditions easier to understand. Keep in mind that the channel mainly focuses on embryology, neurology, cell biology, the reproductive system, and microbiology. 

    2) One Minute Medical School

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    At first glance, it might seem like One Minute Medical School borrowed its catchy name from yet another popular YouTuber (Nas Daily). Other than that, the name of this channel is quite self-explanatory. Most of One Minute Medical School’s content explains medical terms, conditions, and case studies under or in one minute. What’s interesting about this channel is that the host, Dr. Rob Tarzwell, shares in-depth and complicated topics in layman terms and makes them relatable to the audience. Topics that are frequently shared by this channel include nuclear medicine, radiobiology, musculoskeletal disorders, and cardio-respiratory medicines.

    3) Dr. Adeleke Adesina, DO

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    Dr Adeleke uses his channel to educate audiences on a wide range of topics ranging from nursing to physician assistant knowledge. This channel is mostly aimed at medical students. Expect his videos to be in-depth and educational. There are also video guides on how you can study for medical exams as well. Overall, a good channel for those looking to jump into the medical field. 

    4) MedCram – Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY


    Based in the United States, MedCram is a channel that provides a number of clinical perspectives. Some ideas covered on this channel include the key signs, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of medical conditions such as hypertension, asthma, and shock to name a few. There’s a lot in this channel that could be useful for both the general public and a medical student based on its content. 

    5) Medlife Crisis

    medlife crisis.png

    Medlife crisis is a channel run by Dr. Rohin Francis, who is a consultant cardiologist and university researcher. Unlike the previous channels featured above, Francis injects humor and jokes into his videos to make them more palatable. If you like to impress your friends and the people around you with offbeat trivia, then this channel is definitely for you. 

    6) Interactive Biology

    interactive biology.png

    Interactive Biology wants to make the science subject fun and interactive as biology is not the easiest subject to study. Med students be aware! This is not a channel filled with medical jaron. Instead, it is aimed at younger students or newbies looking to learn more about biology in general. 

    7) Osmosis


    Osmosis is a channel with content focused on educating the general consumer on important medical concepts. Much like the other channels featured above, there’s a lot of visual aid such as eye catching animations used here. This is a great channel that uses simple language and descriptions to help people all over the world learn a little more about their bodies. Additionally, Osmosis has their own website filled with practice questions and flashcards. This is a great platform for students looking for a quick revision on human anatomy. 


    8) Khan Academy Medicine

    khan academy medicine.png

    Khan Academy is a well-known YouTube channel that provides world-class education through a free video sharing platform. In fact, this channel should be no stranger to any Gen Z student or worker. Established only two years ago, the channel now boasts more than 1.4 million subscribers on their channel. From working examples to teaching about different diseases. This is a one-stop shop for most medical students and people who would like to find out more about the human body. 

    9) JJ Medicine

    jj medicine.png

    JJ Medicine is a channel based in Canada covering a wide range of medical topics from infectious diseases to neurology and anatomy lessons. There is also the use of detailed visual aids and PowerPoint presentation method of sharing. We recommend this channel if you’re interested in covering common diseases that affect people on a regular basis. Or anyone who considers themselves to be fans of The Good Doctor.   

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