• Top 5 Challenges Faced by HR Executives in Tech Firms

    by HR & Management

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    Today’s world runs on technology. And as technology is embraced as the means of solving almost every problem, there is a fierce competition for tech talent. As an IT recruitment agency in Singapore, we understand that as the demand for tech talent increases beyond the supply, the people on the spotlight are HR professionals. From technical recruiters to HR executives, tech talent recruitment has never been more challenging.  In this article, we list the top 5 challenges HRs in tech firms face in their quest to provide their companies with a competitive edge.

    1. Acquiring Top Talent

    There is no denying that there is an acute talent shortage facing the tech industry. And with advancements in technology raising the need for appropriate skills, the problem only gets worse. It’s easy to think that high unemployment rates across the globe would result in filling tech positions faster.

    But as HR, you know that this isn’t the case. The challenge in acquiring the right talent usually comes down to three things:

    • Attracting the right talent – the tech industry suffers the most when it comes to skills shortages. Since business growth is being driven by innovation, the success of tech companies largely depends on what its talent can produce. This means that companies need to embrace emerging technologies quickly and capitalize on them to stay ahead of the competition.​

    • Conducting background screening – background screening might look like nothing but an item on the recruitment process checklist. It’s however a critical component of the process and part of the talent acquisition strategy which reduces your company’s risk. Considering that 78% of job applicants lie, this step helps you build a workforce that values integrity. The challenge comes in when it’s not clear what needs to be verified and how to do it.

    • Creating a positive candidate experience – choosing one job offer over the other doesn’t come down to salary and benefits. Candidates understand that how they’re treated during the interview reflects how they’ll be treated as employees. Since they’re accustomed to great experiences from consumer brands, they expect a pleasant experience from the hiring process. Where this is lacking, IT recruitment in Singapore becomes very challenging because money can’t fill the gap well enough.