• The Asian Way to Dealing With Micromanagers in Singapore

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    ​As Asian employees, we are less likely to voice our opinions regarding our managers. Most of us are brought up in cultures that speak highly of teamwork and harmony. To complain about an issue would be to disrupt the harmony and flow of the workplace. As an executive search firm in Singapore, we are aware of the unsavoury effects that micromanagement has on an employee.

    Studies have shown that a micromanaging boss can lead to higher turnover rates, lower productivity as well as an increase in employee resentment. It is unsurprising that there are a lot of consequences associated with micromanagement. Reports have shown that employees who are micromanaged often suffer from detrimental side effects such as burnout and mental health issues.

    Once affected, these problems are harder for an employee to recover from. However, unlike our western counterparts, the way to handle a micromanaging boss in Singapore differs slightly.  

    Understanding Differences Between Asian and Western Cultured Workplaces