• The 4 Most In-Demand Tech Positions in Singapore

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    4 most in demand tech positions in singapore - bgc group

    ​Thanks to COVID-19, Singapore has witnessed a significant increase in revenue within it’s IT industry. This is not only a result of the formation of new businesses within the ICT sector but also due to existing enterprises investing in digital transformation efforts. Add that with the global leaders in technology such as Google and Facebook setting up operations locally, Singapore is becoming one of the best places to hire IT talents

    However, for the uninitiated firms that have yet to invest significantly in hiring technology talents, they might experience difficulties navigating complex requirements for various job titles in the IT sector. As an IT recruitment agency, we will be listing some of the most popular IT positions available out there. 

    Which Are The Most In-Demand Tech Roles in Singapore?

    ​​In understanding our hiring employers and their never-ending quest for top tech talent, we've analysed titles such as software developers, generalist IT jobs such as technical support, and some job titles in more niche areas of the IT infrastructure such as database engineer, full-stack engineer. 

    The 4 top IT jobs in high demand by employers in both the public and private sector in Singapore are: 

    1. Software Developers

    2. Data Analysts

    3. Security Engineers

    4. Cloud Engineers

    What do Software Developers do?