• Dear Women in Tech: Cyber Security Needs You!

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    Do you know Tracey Maleeff? In two words, she is one of the answers to your question if women can succeed in cyber security. Having been a librarian for ten years, her inquisitive nature and the field of cyber security attracted each other which led to her starting an information security company. However, not everyone takes the steps that she took because of asymmetric understanding and perceptions of this field of cyber security. 

    As a tech recruitment agency in Singapore, we want to be strong advocates for women in both cyber security and tech. It might not appear shocking to everyone reading this but the fact is, women are acutely under-represented in the cyber security workforce across the globe. While an old 2013 research puts the participation of women at 11% in the cyber security workforce globally, more recent research suggests that the number has gone up to about 20% in 2019. However, this level of participation is still particularly low. The good news is, you can do something about it. 

    At some point, unfortunately, it was true that companies hired candidates in tech in old traditional ways. These were a fixed set of job fairs and campus recruitment opportunities in engineering or management colleges that were dominated by men’s participation, when it came to cyber security. Now, the situation has changed, both in colleges and in the mindsets of recruiters. More women are now participating in technical and higher education than ever, thriving to excel in the cyber security workforce at an equal footing with their peers.

    At the same time, recruiters have understood that it is not feasible to hire cyber security professionals conventionally. They’ve switched to more flexible qualification requirements and use of hiring experts like us to make the process of hiring more streamlined and smooth. Wondering if you need a degree in IT to join cyber security? The answer is No! Learn how to land a job in cyber security without a degree in Singapore

    You can head over to some of our IT job postings to see what fits your profile or if there’s any profile that you’d like to fit. Specially for all the women wanting to enter cyber security in Singapore, here are a few quick tips: 

    1. Join the #SGCyberWomen Community