• 4 Ways To Attract Tech Talents In A New Location in 2021

    by HR & Management

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    The world is steadily getting more and more connected through technology. This rings true as well when it comes to sourcing and recruitment. Before, when hiring top-tier tech talents in other countries is a pipe dream. Right now, it is already a part of short to mid-term strategic plans of global companies.

    With countries opening up their doors to globalization as well, it is no longer farfetched to see companies expanding their offices in strategic locations. They no longer limit themselves to just one place. For them, it makes more business sense to be in multiple countries. However, for HR Managers, this poses a big challenge. Thankfully, as an HR outsourcing agency in Singapore, we understand the plight. 

    Recruitment strategies in one country may not necessarily work in another. There are also recruitment marketing challenges to contend with - how you attract top candidates in one place, may not cut it in another. Expanding to another place brings with it new sets of challenges. This can include: 

    • New industry competition

    • New competition to tech talents

    • New sets of biases and values

    • New culture

    These are all the things (and perhaps more) that every HR Manager and recruiters need to have a plan around to make the company’s move successful. We will talk about a few tips to help you figure it out.

    1. Do A Competitor Analysis

    ​Know who your direct competitors are. Especially those who directly compete with you for the same tech talents that you’re planning to hire. You don’t want to jump in and join the recruitment war for tech talents without first knowing who or what you’re up against. More questions that can help you, but the ones listed below will get you started in the right direction. Ultimately, you need to know what’s working by looking into other companies in your new location that has done it successfully. You can still add your unique flare, but make sure it’s just enough.