• 4 Recruitment Productivity Tips for Tech Recruiters

    by HR & Management

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    One of the most important resources for every recruiter in the tech industry is time. However, there seems to be so little of it. Being constantly bounced around different tasks and context changes, a recruiter always seems in a hurry.  If you have other tech recruitment agency partners, you have another wall to bounce off as well. “So many things to do, so little time” is the recurring battle cry. And there seems to be so little that you can do about it unless you add a few hours beyond your shift. In the long run, it’s not sustainable.

    A typical in-house recruiter’s day usually starts off by checking and responding to emails. Some emails are given more priority than others - that’s normal. Some recruiters practice “Inbox Zero” and some recruiters leave a few emails unread reserved for later that day. After checking emails, they will then attend meetings with hiring managers, check and review the endorsements from their recruitment agency partners, and interview a few candidates. Not necessarily in this order. And sometimes simultaneously - while doing interviews, review endorsements as well.

    And oftentimes midway, the day is almost over. And you’re left to wonder where the time went. You need to follow a tight schedule to really keep going to hit your targets. But following a schedule is challenging as creeping distractions pull you out of your rhythm. The next thing you know, your flow is disrupted, and re-establishing your focus seems like an uphill battle. You check on recruitment productivity tips online and you usually encounter motherhood suggestions such as “prepare a list of priorities”. They help - but not all the time. Oftentimes you find yourself not prioritizing your to-do priority list and you just go freestyle.

    You still get things done. Recruiters seem to find a way to will themselves out of a slump. But you can’t be doing that every single day. You need practical, yet simple ways to make the most out of your day without expending a lot of effort “willing” yourself to be more efficient. To supercharge your efficiency into overdrive and get the most out of your day, we’ve compiled a few, but highly effective tips that will even make your job just a little bit easier.

    1. Own Your Calendar