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    Personality tests are no strangers to HR and recruitment firms. Like any other personality test, BaZi is one of the many tools available to help identify our ideal careers and industries. As a recruitment agency in Singapore, we like to be open to all types of personality tests. 

    To find out your ideal career based on your birth chart. It is important to first understand how to calculate your BaZi chart. We’ve written the steps to doing so in the first half of the article, “How to Find Your Ideal Career Using Bazi”. If you’re someone with a Wood or Earth daymaster, don’t forget to check out our previous article for your work characteristics and ideal careers. 

    In this article, we’ll be talking about the characteristics and ideal careers for individuals with Fire and Water as their daymaster. Let’s learn more about BaZi and finding your ideal industries and career below!  

    If your daymaster is ‘Yang Fire’....


    ​Yang Fire individuals are just like the mighty sun. Unlike the other elements present in BaZi, Yang Fire is the only element that is not present on planet Earth. As such people with this daymaster have characteristics such as tenacity, being forward thinking, and confident to name a few. Of course this is just a short list encapsulating the radiant qualities of a Yang Fire individual. More below! 

    Characteristics of Yang Fire: 

    • Tenacious: Individuals with the Yang Fire daymaster are tenacious and will not give up in the face of obstacles. These are relentless people who will try their best to overcome any struggles that’s in their way.

    • Routine driven: To say that people with this daymaster are not as free loving as the others is untrue. However, Yang Fire individuals need a routine in order to thrive. These are people who prefer to stick to their comfort zones instead of venturing out.

    • Strategic: Individuals with this daymaster like to plan ahead. They do not enjoy looking back at the past and instead choose to always look at the good - no matter the situation. 

    • Extreme confidence: Much like the sun, Yang Fire individuals radiate extreme confidence. These are people who believe that they’re capable of completing just about any task! As long as they set their minds to it! 

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    If your daymaster is ‘Yin Fire’....


    If Yang Fire individuals are akin to the sun, their Yin Fire counterpart can be likened to a candle flame. People with this daymaster tend to be very conscientious and like to devote their lives to help others. As such, individuals with ‘Yin Fire’ tend to imbibe characteristics such as decisiveness as well as their innate thirst for deep thinking and understanding. 

    Characteristics of Yin Fire: 

    • Strategic: People with this placement are often detailed and capable of seeing their ideas through. 

    • Nurturing: Think about the delicate candle light. One of its many purposes is to illuminate the darkness around. Perhaps this is why those with a ‘Yin Fire’ placement are known for their nurturing nature.

    • Decisiveness: Most people with this daymaster do not like to dwell on something for too long. They prefer making quick and sometimes hasty decisions. Their one saving grace is that they tend to stick to traditional ideas instead of exploring a new and unknown idea.

    • Good communicators: People with this placement love to communicate. Thus, those with Yin Fire as their daymaster are known for their good debating and communication skills. A wonderful trait to have! 

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    Ideal careers for people with Fire elements include:

    The best careers for those with Fire as their daymaster are often associated with this element. Industries that are great for individuals with this daymaster include: 

    • IT, Tech and Cybersecurity 

    • Entertainment, Film and Television

    • Beauty and Hairdressing 

    • Electric, Energy and Chemical Industries 

    • Hotel, Catering and Tourism 

    If your daymaster is ‘Yang Water’....


    People with this daymaster are represented by large bodies of water such as oceans, rivers, and lakes. Thus, individuals with Yang Water are known for being dynamic and adaptable as water is known to be able to flow everywhere. Some good characteristics of the Yang Water daymaster include the ability to be innovative with their ideas. As such, people with this daymaster can come up with creative solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. 

    Characteristics of Yang Water: 

    • Intelligent: Many individuals who are known for their intelligence and brilliance have Yang Water as their daymaster. They find inspiration in just about everything that they see and experience.

    • Exceptional memory: To help accompany their great intelligence. People with this daymaster are often known for having a great memory. They have a knack for storing information deep within their recesses. This helps them complete tasks even if the information is stored deep within their memories. 

    • Analytical: People with this daymaster are often known for being systemic and meticulous. They consider each detail with great care before making a decision. As such, they’re known for their tendency to not be impulsive and make rash decisions. 

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    If your daymaster is ‘Yin Water’....


    The Yin Water is a fragile daymaster that’s often likened to small amounts of water such as dew, rain, clouds and mist. People with this daymaster are often described as creative, enthusiastic and natural shapeshifters. The latter makes someone with a Yin Water daymaster great at networking. 

    Characteristics of Yin Water: 

    • Natural storytellers: People with this daymaster are blessed with the ‘gift of gab’. They are natural storytellers with the ability to write well due to their free flowing thoughts. In addition, these are individuals known for being eloquent speakers.

    • Great thinkers: Individuals with Water as their daymaster are known for their academic gifts and achievements. They love thinking and learning which makes them great researchers and investigators.

    • Jack of all trades: When it comes to their interests, Yin Water people are known for wanting to try anything and everything out. They’re the jack of all trades and love trying out new paths and goals that interest them. As such these individuals are often multi-skilled and multi-talented. 

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    Ideal careers for people with Water elements include:

    The best careers for those with Water as their daymaster are often associated with this element. Industries that are great for individuals with this daymaster include: 

    • Shipping, Transportation and Logistics

    • Media and Marketing 

    • Communications and Journalism

    • Information and Network 

    • Tourism 

    • Aquaculture

    Have you discovered the secrets behind your daymaster? Share them with us in the comments section below! 

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