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    As Singapore positions itself as a leading hub for tech talent in the South East Asian region. It is only natural for more job seekers to gain more interest in the IT, Tech and Cybersecurity industry. The demand for Tech, IT, and Cybersecurity trained talents has grown exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, tech roles such as Cloud Engineers have jumped 12 spots. As such, Cloud Engineers is now the seventh most posted role on LinkedIn

    We’re currently seeing an influx of employees entering the Tech industry in Singapore. As an IT recruitment agency, we’ve looked into some of the hottest and highest paying tech roles in Singapore this 2021. Are you ready to find out what some of the hottest tech roles in this country are? Read on to find out more! 

    1. Cloud Engineers 

    Salary: The average salary for cloud engineers is approx. S$86,101 a year


    The role of a cloud engineer is to perform technical duties associated with cloud computing. Some responsibilities of a cloud engineer include designing cloud software and cloud based applications. In addition, cloud engineers are also required to provide mentorship and guidance to other development teams. 

    How to be a Cloud Engineer: 

    • Degree: A degree in ‘Computer Science’ or ‘Engineering’ is required to be a cloud engineer. In some cases, a Masters degree would be beneficial. 

    • Certifications: Cloud Engineers would be required to have a certificate in ‘AWS Solutions Architect’, ‘Cloud Security’, and ‘Openstack Administration’. Other cloud certifications would also be beneficial.

    • Programming languages: Knowledge and experience in creating software using programming languages such as Java, C++ or Python.

    • Cloud engineering knowledge: Knowledge of API, REST, and RPC web services.

    • Soft skills: Other soft skills such as communication and organizational skills are also useful. In addition, an interest in cloud engineering and teamwork skills would also be useful. 

    2. Software Developers 

    Salary: The average salary for a software developer is approx. S$53,722 a year


    The role of a software developer is to develop computer applications as well as engage in research, identifying, designing and testing a software system. In addition, software developers are also required to modify and debug applications. 

    How to be a software developer: 

    • Degree: A bachelor’s degree in ‘Computer Engineering’, ‘Information Technology’, ‘Mathematics’, and ‘Software Engineering’ would be useful.

    • Programming languages: Of course programming languages are the prerequisite to be a software developer. Programming languages such as C++, Java, Python, and Ruby would be required. Keep in mind that different software developers will need to know different languages depending on their needs. Find out more about the different programming languages that a Software Engineer should know here.

    • Operating systems knowledge: Knowledge in operating systems such as Linux, Solaris, HPUX, BSD, Mac OS and Windows.

    • Soft skills: Software developers would need to pick up soft skills such as being able to translate technical information into simpler language for the general public. Other skills such as good communication skills, a thirst for technological knowledge, and the ability to train younger software developers. 

    3. Full Stack Developer  

    Salary: The average salary for a full stack developer is approx. S$86,521 a year


    A full stack developer is actually a web engineer who works on both front and back end development. For those unaware, front end development refers to work done on the visible parts of a website (front). Whilst back end development refers to work done on the server side of a website (back). Full stack developers can be found working on websites and mobile applications. 

    How to be a Full Stack Developer: 

    • Degree: Although a degree is not always required, a degree in ‘Computer Engineering’ or ‘Computer Software’ would be beneficial.

    • Front end languages: HTML and CSS are languages required to design and style a website’s front end.

    • Back end languages:  Back end languages is another word for programming languages. Some useful back end languages include Python, Ruby, PHP, and Java to name a few.

    • Some design skills: Since a full stack developer is required to make changes to the front end of a website, an understanding of some design skills will be needed. Full stack developers will be required to know basic design principles as well as UX and UI design.

    • Soft skills: Like any other tech role, some soft skills are required to succeed as a full stack web developer. These soft skills can include attention to detail, time management skills, as well as creative vision. 

    4. Cyber Security Analysts 

    Salary: The average salary for a cyber security analyst is approx. S$78,000 a year 


    It is no surprise that the role of a Cyber security analyst is growing in Singapore. The growth in demand is partly due to the large salary associated with the role. For those interested, the role of a cyber security analyst is to protect an organization’s network from plausible attacks. A cyber security analyst is often involved in creating backup plans, reporting security breaches, as well as educating the rest of the company’s employees on security tips. 

    How to be a Cyber Security Analyst: 

    • Degree: Much like other IT and Tech roles, a cyber security analyst is required to hold a degree in ‘Computer Science’ or ‘Programming’.

    • Certifications: A cyber security analyst is required to hold certificates in CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) and CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional).

    • Technical skills: Of course technical skills will be required. Skills in software such as ‘Penetration Testing’, ‘Anti- Virus Software’ and knowledge in application design is required.

    • Soft skills: A cyber security analyst is required to learn soft skills such as attention to detail, excellent communication skills, as well as curiosity to name a few. 

    As always, BGC Group will be continually editing and updating this article. Bookmark this page and remember to check back for more information to come! What are some highest paying tech and IT jobs in Singapore that we’ve missed out on? Share them with us in the comments section below. 

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