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    ​Working from home is not an easy run for most of us. It gets hard to stay positive when you’re taken out from your usual office or work environment. We’re currently living in a world where frequent lockdowns are common. Not too long before the COVID-19 period, the majority of us spent most of our working lives out of the house and socialising with our colleagues. 

    However the new normal now requires most of us to work from home. Not only does this disrupt our daily lives. Working from home can also be a huge distraction and cause some among us to be less productive to our working lives. Fortunately, as a Singapore job agency we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help employees stay positive during the current work from home period. Below are some ways for you to inject optimism into your working day! 

    Understanding Work From Home Burnout 


    One of the main reasons why working from home can lead to burnouts is the blurred lines between work and our daily lives. Thus it is hard to set clear boundaries especially with your supervisors and managers. 

    When someone experiences job burnout, it can be hard to recover. In some extreme cases, individuals who suffer from extreme burnout might find that leaving their job is the only way to get over work burnout. As such, identifying work from home burnout is the first step to nipping it in the bud. 

    The symptoms of work from home burnout include: 

    • Constantly feel drained and exhausted: If you still feel drained and tired after getting a good night’s sleep and resting well, it could be a symptom of a job burnout. Just because you’re sleeping and eating on time. It doesn’t mean that you’re getting an adequate amount of rest. To overcome this, try to find out how much time you’re overspending at work. Are you eating in front of the desk? Are you getting enough rest after work?

    • You can’t complete tasks on time: If your productivity levels have been affected, it is likely that you are experiencing a job burnout. You might have to ask yourself - if the inability to complete your task is due to boredom or just a lack of motivation. Ironically, being unable to keep up can cause more work from home burnout.

    • You don’t connect with your job anymore: If your job is not sparking any joy in you, perhaps it is time to move on. The inability to connect with your job could be due to a lack of compatibility. As HR specialists and recruiters, we emphasise on the importance of finding the right career fit for your personality type. 


    Some articles to help you figure your ideal career out include: 

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    5 Ways to Stay Positive When Working From Home  


    Now that you know how to identify work from home burnout. Let us share several ways to help boost positivity during the work from home season. 

    A. Work on a personalised routine 

    Routines are important, they help keep us in check and our personal schedules running smoothly. However, it is also important to remember that the same routine does not work on everyone. Try to create a routine that fits your personality best - you might want to start by identifying your personality type with the Myers Briggs Personality Test

    Another way to create a personalised routine is by making a list of things that you’d want to achieve throughout the day. This could be a simple to-do list, or even a list of things that make you happy. Whatever helps you get through the day! 

    B. Parent yourself 

    It is easy to engage in bad habits when you’re too busy focusing on your job. Treating your body like a temple and parenting yourself can help you stay positive during the work from home season. Keep your body busy with routine showers and exercises. But don’t forget to keep your mind happy and busy with mindfulness exercises and meditation. Alternatively, taking on an online or a short course can help you keep your brain stimulated. Just remember to pick something that you’re interested in! 

    C. Find a hobby to quench your thirst for adventure 

    One of the downfalls of COVID-19 is the inability to travel overseas. To some, a short vacation away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore. However, as most of us are still grounded, one of the best things to kill time in a great way is to find a hobby that both interests and satisfies you. For example, if a beach getaway used to be your ideal vacation, you might want to make a short walk by the beach a daily occurrence. 

    D. Sunbathe...or just go outside for a bit

    Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that occurs due to a lack of vitamin D, an essential nutrient that the sun provides. In fact, research on shift workers shows that the use of artificial lighting, the lack of sunlight, and an inconsistent sleep schedule can have a negative effect on one’s mood. One way to overcome this is by taking a break outdoors under the sun. 

    E. Rediscover yourself 

    Reconnecting with yourself to find out your ideal goals and dreams can help you mitigate your burnout. It’s important to understand that our career needs and goals change as the years go by. Try out all the different hobbies that you’ve always wanted, take a break to read a book or watch a TV show during your lunch hour, or connect with people on social media. Not only will you reinvigorate and recharge yourself, you’ll also be able to discover what you actually like and dislike. This can help you plan the next few steps to reach your career goals. 

    What are some tips that keep you happy during the work from home season? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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