• Is Your Current HR Payroll System Working For You?

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    Is Your Current HR Payroll System Working For You?

    Today, HR work is a lot more complex than it has ever been. There’s so much that goes into the proper management and care of employees. These days, human resource executives are responsible for everything — from hiring and recruiting to training, job evaluations, mediations, payroll and more. With so many tasks to keep up, most human resources teams and executives rely on the help of a good HR payroll system. 

    But how do you know if the current HR payroll system you’re using is great for you? In this article, we’ll be discussing the different factors that a good HR software system should have. Ready to learn more? Let’s get started! 

    Benefits of a HR Payroll System


    ​To first understand the qualities of a good system. We must first understand the benefits that a great HR management system brings to the organization. It is no secret that a good HR software can take the pressure of daily responsibilities off your human resources team. But what benefits do they bring? 

    Some useful benefits of a good HR payroll system include: 

    • Automates data entry and repetitive tasks: Data entry is a daunting and time consuming task. Despite automation sounding like a scary term, don’t worry! Robots are not planning to take over your jobs. A good HR payroll system helps automate certain tasks (e.g. inputting employee’s personal details). In addition, most HR systems allow employees to handle clerical tasks on their own. Freeing up more time for your HR employees. Other things that a good HRMS software can automate include payroll, vacation and leaves, as well as time attendance.

    • Added security: Not all HR software systems come with built-in security. However, the ones that do come with added security, can block access to sensitive company data. This reduces the potential for security breaches and hacker access to private employee data.

    • Go paperless: Kill two birds with one stone when you switch to a good HR system — get your organization to save money and go green! A good payroll system can help your organization save money on office supplies by reducing the amount of paper used. This can be done through e-signatures and online payrolls to name a few.

    • Improve employee performance: Not only does a good HR system help automate menial tasks for your HR team. It does the same for the other employees in your organization. It helps save their time when it comes to a number of everyday tasks (e.g. leave application and time attendance). This leaves your employees with more time to complete the rest of their responsibilities. 

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