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    What are some clues that hiring managers, recruiters, and organizations should look out for during the hiring process? Thankfully, this age old question has some answers to help you identify an exceptional candidate. 

    As a Singaporean recruitment agency invested in HR processes (i.e. hiring, recruiting, and payroll to name a few). We find that some of the best candidates featured unique qualities and clues that can often be found in their job experience and resume. Below, we’ve listed several clues that can help indicate if a candidate would be a great hire: 

    1. Candidates with varied skills and experiences 


    According to this LinkedIn article written by someone with 40 years of experience in hiring, one major clue of a talented candidate lies in their resume itself. Other than skills (i.e. niche or relevant), agencies should look out for clues that indicate a candidate’s rapid learning abilities. 

    Unsure of what it is you should be looking out for? Well, some things other hiring professionals recommend testing your candidates out with real-life inspired scenarios. That way, you’ll be able to better assess your interviewee’s skills. Other things to look out for in the resume include promotions, company sponsored training opportunities or even job title changes. This shows the candidate’s aptitude, passion, and learning abilities. 

    2. Received formal recognition within their career field  


    Lookout for signs that state the recognition your candidate has received throughout their years. If you can’t find them on the interviewee’s resume and LinkedIn profile, try asking them this question during the interview. Examples of formal recognition can vary from bonuses, appraisal letters, as well as awards and prizes received during a company event. 

    3. Has great references  


    It should come as no surprise that the best employees work great with others. Teamwork is an essential skill as most jobs require some level of collaboration, managing, or even supervising others. Try finding out if your candidate is good with teamwork when chatting with their references. 

    Other qualities and skills to lookout for when interviewing your candidate’s references include:

    • Good communication skills: Keep in mind that great communication skills do not necessarily refer solely to eloquence in speech. Good communication skills just means that a candidate can communicate effectively to others be it through their speech, text, and even emails. Communication is essential. Candidates with troubling communication skills might not fare well at the job.

    • Adaptable: All organizations should look out for candidates with “great culture fit” potential. The term great culture fit differs from organization to organization. In an article by Workable, a good tip asks organizations to discuss what the culture of different organizations and teams is. The reason for this is simple — culture means different things to different teams.

      Instead, look for job candidates that you find to be most adaptable. You’d want to find people who are able to stay calm under pressure, come up with new solutions quickly, as well as being open minded to accepting different members and working styles. Learn more about the benefits of adaptable candidates and where to look for one in this Workable article.

    • Motivated individuals: Motivated candidates are passionate candidates. Ask around to find out if the candidates are motivated. The main benefit of this? Self-motivated job seekers are great as they’re looking to complete the job with little to no monetary reward.

    • Life-long interest in learning: Job seekers with a willingness to learn are a valuable resource to any organization. With new technology, courses, and knowledge coming out all the time. It is no surprise that a candidate self-motivated enough to continually up skill themselves makes for a good hire. It’s important to remember that whoever doesn’t learn risks staying behind.  

    4.  The interview was a breeze 


    Glassdoor on the other hand, believes that the secret to finding an exceptional hire lies in the job interview. According to this Glassdoor article some green flags to keep an eye out for during a job interview include: 

    • Honesty: Honest candidates are ideal candidates. Those who don’t hold back when they’re asked the tough questions are priceless. You’d want candidates who are open about their weaknesses and be willing to change.

    • Enthusiastic: If your candidate shows great enthusiasm during the interview, it’s usually a great sign. Enthusiasm can be seen in more than just your candidate’s words. Look out for hand gestures, and listen to the tone of their voice. Enthusiastic employees are prized because it shows genuine interest in the industry and field.

    • Knowledgeable: Candidates that are knowledgeable should be prized simply because it shows that they’ve done the research needed (e.g. on the organization, the industry, the job role). You’d want an all rounded candidate passionate both about the hard facts and the intricate knowledge about the company. 

    Learn more about the soft skills all hiring managers and HR employees should look out for during the interview process in this Glassdoor article

    For more information on exceptional job seekers and where to find them....

    As a Singaporean recruitment agency invested in HR processes (i.e. hiring, recruiting, and payroll to name a few). We’ve written a number of articles on exceptional job seekers, where to find them, and how to notice them. 

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    What are some hidden clues and tips that exceptional candidates have? Share them with us in the comments section below! 

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