• Why it's Hard to Find the Ideal Tech Talents in Singapore

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    Finding the right tech talents in Singapore can be difficult. This isn’t a new revelation. Part of what makes it difficult, is due to the large talent gap in Singapore’s Tech and IT industry. 

    However, the reason why it can be hard to find the best tech talents might be due to other unrelated reasons. As a Tech and IT recruitment agency in Singapore, we’ll be discussing the different reasons why it can be challenging to recruit the best tech talents right now. 

    How Scarce is the Tech Talent in Singapore? 


    It is no big secret that tech talent in Singapore can be hard to find. In fact, there is a global shortage of tech talent. According to this 2019 research, more than 900,000 IT jobs were unfilled. And this is only present in Q3 2019. 

    Similarly, it is also tough for organizations in Singapore to find the right tech talent. Channel News Asia reports that around 56% of employers in the country reported difficulties when it comes to recruiting in the IT and Tech sectors. The shortage of tech talent has resulted in an extended lead to hire time for a number of companies in the country. A role that used to take four to eight weeks is now taking up to three months to hire for. All due to the scarce tech talent in Singapore. 

    Recently, the Singapore government has announced a new work pass to help attract foreign tech talent. Known as the Tech.Pass, the program is aimed at attracting technical experts with experience in established or fast growing tech companies. Individuals with this pass holder will be able to mentor or teach both at start-ups and Singapore based universities. The good thing about the Tech.Pass is that it gives Singaporean IT and Tech talents access to work in internationally competitive teams, with visionaries from the IT and Tech world. 

    Learn more about the new Tech.Pass set to release in January 2021 here

    So Why is it Hard to Find Tech Talent for Singapore Organizations? 


    The lack of tech talents is just one of the many reasons why it’s hard to find the right fit for most organizations here in Singapore. So, why is it hard to find the right tech talent for your organization? Some common reasons might include: 

    A. The tech talent you want is overseas

    Sometimes, the ideal tech talent that you want, lies overseas. It’s important to note that even if the local pool of IT talent is big, some specialists might not be available in the local market. If this is the case, this article recommends you to think of hiring the tech candidate as a remote worker! The idea would be to hire from a bigger talent pool. Sourcing from a larger talent pool can lead to addressing scarcity problems. It can also lead the organization to hire on an affordable budget too! 

    B. Your competitors are poaching your candidates 

    Tech and IT jobseekers are some of the most hardworking individuals in the working world. Most job seekers in this field look for more than just a high starting salary. They want to work for companies with great branding, to help propel them up the career ladder. As a HR outsourcing agency, we’re familiar with the importance of employer branding. 

    Below are a few ways to improve both your company culture and employer branding: 

    • Diversity: There is a potential to learn more from a culturally diverse company. Workplace diversity should extend to more than just cultural and racial diversity. Companies should start considering invisible diversity traits such as diverse sexual orientations, education and economic status, as well as disabilities and body types. Learn more about the benefits of cultural diversity in Singapore through this BGC Group article.

    • Upskilling opportunities: The ability to upskill and learn new skills is important to tech candidates. Especially in a competitive industry such as cybersecurity. Gifting your employees more upskilling opportunities can lead them to stay in your company for a longer duration. Find out more about what tech and cybersecurity candidates look out for in this BGC  Group article.

    • Creative freedom: According to a survey conducted by Glassdoor, tech employees such as software engineers resigned their jobs due to the nature of the work they’ve been hired to do. This is something to keep in mind for. Software engineers are not hired to do a specific job. Which is why they usually seek creative freedom from their jobs. Keep in mind that up to 58% of this group will leave their jobs if they do not like the work involved

    C. Recreate an Invaluable Silicon Valley Experience

    Gift your employees an experience that they cannot forget. One way to do this? Provide your candidates with an invaluable silicon valley experience as mentioned in this article by EDB Singapore

    But just how can you create an invaluable silicon valley experience? Some ideas for you to consider include: 

    What are some steps that your company is taking to help curate an invaluable experience for your tech talents?  

    Hiring the Right Tech Talent With IT Recruitment Agencies 


    A good tech recruiter can help bridge the gap between your organization and the right tech talent. Alternatively, finding a proper talent acquisition specialist can result in sourcing and hiring the ideal tech talent. Find out more about how the right talent acquisition specialist can bring positive benefits to your organization here

    What are some reasons why organizations in Singapore find it hard to source for the best tech talents in the country? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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