• 5 Payroll Pains Your HR Wants to Outsource in Singapore Now

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    5 Payroll Pains Your HR Wants to Outsource in Singapore Now

    Is it that time of the month again? To some HR executives, payroll calculations can be a tough task to conquer. Despite the wide variety of HR software, tools, and resources available out there, there are still common payroll pains that all HR teams go through. Or perhaps your SME company does not believe in utilizing a payroll processing software. Hopefully your organisation has automated some of your HR payroll systems to something more robust during the pandemic period.

    As a specialised HR and payroll outsourcing agency, we deeply understand the problems that can come with terrible payroll software. With over thousands of contract employees on our payroll, we had to find a way out. In this article, we talk about some of the payroll gripes that your HR team probably wants you to understand. 


    Data Entry Can be a Huge Waste of Time

    ​No one understands what it’s like to wait for a faded, torn piece of paper filled with the candidate’s creative handwriting. Transcribing and calculating a candidate’s payroll based on a hardcopy is hard. Especially when you’re pressed for time and it’s almost payday (for your candidates). Software, on the other hand, means that Human Resources teams are spared the trouble of data entry. 

    The less human manipulation involved means that there is less room for errors. This is imperative as it leads to employee resignation. Manual payroll processes create an administrative burden for your in-house HR team. A unified payroll and timesheet software not only reduces the administrative burden for you and your HR staff. 

    Tracking and verifying timesheets of skiving employees is no walk in the park

    ​When it comes to handling money, it’s safe to say that most Human Resources executives don’t trust candidates. There’ll always be an opportunist time thief, forging timesheets. It takes a lot of investigating on behalf of the HR team. In addition to time thievery, there are candidates out there who will submit manual timesheets late - resulting in delayed salary payments. 

    Some expensive HR systems are overly complex and have too many features that we don't need

    ​When it comes to a unified payroll and timesheet software, some companies don’t understand that simplicity can be the best. Instead of spending more money on embellishment features such as GPS location tracking or even thumbprint scanning. For instance, utilizing a GPS location might not necessarily be the most practical thing to include in a payroll processing software, as certain jobs require employees to be at multiple locations (or at home during pandemic lockdowns.)