• 4 Reasons to Not Get an IT Degree in Singapore

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    In a world where the Tech and IT industry is king, it seems like everyone is rushing to complete some sort of tech qualification. While students and Gen Z youths are rushing to get a degree in the IT and Tech industry. However, this article is different from the rest. As a tech recruitment agency, we don’t necessarily believe in the importance of a tech degree — as long as you have the hard skills needed. Are you ready to find out what some of the reasons are to not do a tech degree? Let’s get started! 

    1. Don’t do it just for a highly paid full-time job 


    Doing a Tech or an IT degree just to get a highly paid full-time job is not something that we fully support. In an age where work hours are high and burnouts are not uncommon. There are a number of reasons why money shouldn’t be the only motivating factor when it comes to a full-time job. Some reasons why you shouldn’t just work for money include the risk of stagnation and job burnout. Keep in mind that when you choose to chase a job just for the money, you are less likely to want to learn and develop new skills. Which is a soft skill required to survive the IT and Tech industry. 

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    2. Tech employers are looking for diverse and creative individuals 


    Think that tech employers are only looking to hire employees with tech degrees? Think again! In a surprising report by Channel News Asia, it seems like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) recruiters are now searching for talents from different pools. The reason for this is simple. According to the news report, a senior engineer was quoted saying, “If I hire 100 computing science students in Singapore, I normally get just one answer to a problem. They’re trained to see the problem in the same way. But if I hire 10 humanities students, I get 10 whole new perspectives”. Out of the box and creative thinking are some important soft skill traits that are highly sought after. One of the many ways to develop creativity is by exposing yourself to diverse friends and cultures. 

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     3. You think you NEED a degree in order to land a full-time job in tech 


    This is the common misconception that many individuals seem to have. Many individuals tend to believe that in order to get a full-time job in Singapore’s Tech and IT industry, one needs a formal degree. According to our previous BGC Group article, there are plenty of findings that show a considerable number of IT job postings that do not require a formal qualification

    In addition, there is sufficient data out there to show that a number of employees with jobs such as software developer, IT security analysts, and web developers to name a few. Do not have formal education. More information about the common misconceptions about the Singapore tech industry available in this BGC Group article

    4. You don’t like coding 


    Of course there are many roles to delve into within the Tech and IT field. However, the majority of tech jobs do involve coding. Or at least a basic understanding of coding. Not liking coding doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to land a job in the industry. But it will severely limit your career options. 

    Some jobs within the Tech and IT industry that don’t involve coding include: User Experience (UX) designer, User Interface (UI) designer, technical recruiter, and SEO/SEM specialists to name a few. Learning to code on the other hand can expand your job options within the industry. Some ways to love coding include joining bootcamps, meeting new peers and mentors, and engaging more with the language. Of course, as with everything in life, there will be plenty of ups and downs with coding. 

    We recommend finding out if your personality type is suitable for a career in the tech industry. This should be done before making the jump towards the industry, to try and find the best career fit for your personality type. 

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    What you can do instead

    There are a number of ways to break into the trendy Tech and IT industry without a specialized degree. The wonderful thing about starting a career in this industry, is that there are plenty of ways to earn both the hard and soft skills outside of a college degree. In Singapore, there are plenty of options for a budding techie to pick up. From diploma programs to short courses, there are numerous options to consider taking up! 

    As an IT recruitment agency in Singapore, we cover a number of topics within the industry from HR to employee enquiries. Look for them in the BGC Group blog here. Alternatively, visit the BGC Group job portal to keep an eye out for jobs opening within the growing industry. 

    What are some reasons to avoid doing an IT/Tech degree in Singapore? Share them with us in the comments section below! 

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