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    ​It's only natural to feel sleepy once the midday slump hits. Especially when you're working from home during this rainy season. Whether you’re a full-time or contract employee. Working from home is bound to be tough for some. Especially since the lines between work and play are now blurred.

    As a recruitment outsourcing agency in Singapore, we understand what both employers and job seekers want from the working world. As much as mental health and company culture is valued in most companies. Productivity is also important. 

    Burnout employees cannot contribute much in terms of productivity. Which is why we believe it to be imperative to take extra precautions for self-care during these stagnant times! Learn more about the importance of recharging when working from home below! 


    Why Should Employees Recharge When Working From Home?

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    ​It is no surprise that what started out as a great idea to some, is now the leading cause of burnout. We live in a world where technology and access to different social media networks, emails, and individuals are available in the palm of our hands. Some employers might take this to mean that their workers are readily accessible 24/7. But as human beings, this doesn’t usually fly. 


    Without proper care, there can be some major consequences to burnout. Depleted mental energy, slower productivity rates, can lead to employees prematurely leaving their job. In short, burnout is a loss for both the company and the employee. Learn more about the consequences of job burnout here

    We reckon that these examples below are some of the best ways to recharge during this rainy weather! Read on to find out more! 


    1. Go on an afternoon walk or jog! 

    Ok, so this probably doesn’t sound like the best idea to the exercise-adverse out there. But going for a quick afternoon walk or jog is one of the fastest ways to recharge. Bonus points if you have a dog as well! You can kill two birds with one stone, and come back to a productive day ahead. 


    2. Take an afternoon nap! 

    A quick siesta during the stormy weather might sound like a perfect weekend plan to some. But did you know that you can do this during the working week too? Especially if you’re working from home! 


    3. Drink more water

    According to this recent article by LinkedIn, feeling sleepy and lethargic during the afternoon can be a result of dehydration. If you’ve been guzzling caffeine all day and still feel tired, it’s best to check if you’ve been drinking enough water throughout the day. In this case, staying hydrated would be the best “cure”. If drinking plain old water sounds like a tough task for you. How about indulging in some juicy fruits (e.g. watermelon). It’s a good way to take in some water. 

    4. Make a cup of coffee

    On the flip side, it seems like some might attribute their midday sleepiness to the lack of caffeine. If you’ve missed out on your usual java break. Why not take ten minutes out of your working day to make or purchase a good cup of coffee? Not only will the drink reinvigorate your mental alertness. The short walk to your favourite cafe, coffee shop or kitchen might be a welcome relief to your tired back. 

    We’ve written some interesting articles on some of the best places to visit and eat. Check out the article, “Fun Things To Do with Your Work Kakis at Pasir Ris” for more information!

    5. Call a friend (or a close colleague) 

    If you feel like you’ve been missing out on valuable time with your close friends and family members. Why not dedicate around ten to fifteen minutes of your work time to call a loved one? We’re sure that your loved one would be happy to hear a phone call from you! 

    6. Stretch, do yoga, meditate  

    Or dance, go for a walk, rotate those hips. Do whatever it takes to loosen those muscles up! Think of how lucky you currently are to have flexible enough hours just to squeeze in more fun games and activities. Aside from stretching, what other workout would you be interested in seeing? There’s also yoga and meditation for the tired and the mentally exhausted. Yoga is a great way to calm the mind down. Meditation on the other hand is a great way to recharge without that post-nap grogginess. 

    7. Cross things off your to-do list! 

    Other than your work responsibilities, take the time to cross things off your non-work to do list! Need to run several errands? Or have several doctor/banks/beauty appointments to schedule? Get them done! No matter how small the list or chore is, getting something done when you’re “blocked” feels good. Alternatively, we recommend checking off smaller tasks of your work to-do list. Getting things done, no matter how small the task is. Makes you feel good, and can be satisfying to some! 

    What are some ideal ways for you to recharge? Share them with us in the comments section below! 

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