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    ​There are a number of recruitment agencies willing to take on your organization’s hiring troubles. However, a generalist recruiter might not be able to help you with specialised recruitment woes. Especially if your organization is looking to hire for fields such as tech, finance, and healthcare. For these, you’d require the help of a specialist recruiter instead of a generalist. 

    As an IT recruitment agency in Singapore, we believe in the importance of specialist recruiters when it comes to hiring for tech roles. In this article, we’ll be diving deep into the multiple benefits of a specialist recruiter. And the many reasons why companies looking for tech hiring will benefit from the services of a specialist recruiter. 

    The Difference Between a Generalist vs Specialist Recruiter


    So you’re wondering what the main differences are between a generalist and a specialist recruiter. A generalist recruiter is someone who hires for a large array of industries. In other words, this is someone who hires for a huge array of job roles across different industries. 

    Unlike a specialist recruiter, a generalist is often regarded as a “jack-of-all-trades”. As a specialist tech recruitment agency in Singapore we believe that both generalist and specialist recruiters provide an array of benefits for different agency needs. 

    Now that you know the main difference between a generalist and specialist recruiter. It is time for you to recognise which type of recruiter your organization might require right now. 

    A. When to hire a generalist recruiter 

    The best time to hire a generalist recruiter is when your organization is in the search of multiple entry-level roles. In addition, these roles should not be from specialized industries such as tech and IT, healthcare, as well as finance. A generalist recruiter can also be a better choice for companies looking to hire a small team. 

    B. When to hire a specialist recruiter 

    If your organization is in the search for an employer in a niche role. Or a job candidate with experience and a specific set of skills. That is when your company should seek the help of a specialist recruiter. Of course a specialist recruiter can be pricier than a generalist hirer. But specialists tend to provide an array of benefits that cannot be observed with a generalist recruiter. 

    Benefits of a Specialist Tech Recruiter 


    As mentioned above, one of the major benefits of a specialist recruiter is their ability to be more familiar with the industries they’re trained in. While a generalist recruiter can be useful. When it comes to hiring for a tech industry, the main benefits of a specialist tech recruiter is the insider knowledge they can provide. 

    A specialist tech recruiter will be aware of the many different skills (i.e. hard skills, soft skills and transferable skills) needed to perform a specific role adequately. Additionally, a specialist tech recruiter will be able to understand the numerous industry jargons that a generalist recruiter might find challenging. 

    Below, we’ve summarized the many benefits of hiring a specialist tech recruiter: 

    A. Network of talents to tap into


    The phrase “it’s all about who you know, not what you do” applies to both job seekers and recruiters. In a field like tech and cybersecurity, specialized job candidates receive a number of job offers from headhunters constantly. This makes it hard for a generalist recruiter to source for some of the best talents within the tech, IT, and cybersecurity field. 

    However, a specialist tech recruiter will have a network of talents to actively source from. With ready access to candidates, the hiring and onboarding time is a whole lot faster. 

    B. Better communication leads to faster hiring process 


    Specialist recruiters know who and what they’re looking for. This results in more effective communication — both with the client (you) and the job candidates.Additionally, a specialist recruiter will be able to help break complicated industry jargons and terms to something easier to understand. 

    According to CIO ASEAN, better communication also leads to a more efficient hiring process. Which leads to more wins for your company. When it comes to the tech and IT industry, there is a large skills gap. This means that companies will have to snap talents up quickly, or someone else will. 

    C. Tapping into a curated network of talents means no ATS(Applicant Tracking System)


    And when there is no ATS (Applicant Tracking System), there is no ATS blackhole for your candidates to submit their resumes to. Before we get into the trouble with these automated systems, it is important to highlight that most ATS issues are the result of human error. 

    The ATS sifts and organizes resumes according to specific terms and keywords. The problem is some talented candidates might be sending in resumes with the wrong keywords and terms that the ATS can recognise. This can be a problem especially when it comes to the tech and IT industry as the relevant terms are often changing. The problem can be alleviated when a recruitment agency relies on more than just the ATS system to garner talents and resumes. 

    An article by LinkedIn states that a specialist recruiter will immediately know where to look at when it comes to a resume. Think of these recruiters as the human ATS systems! 

    Which to choose? 


    When it comes to outsourcing your hiring needs, there is no right or wrong answer. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your company’s needs. So what are you on the lookout for? 

    Learn more about the number of benefits a specialized recruitment agency can provide your organization here. Alternatively, keep an eye out for new blog posts as well as tips and tricks on the BGC Group blog here

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